Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: caksuh

  caksuh—eyes    Bg 5.27-28, Bg 11.8, Bg 15.9, SB 1.13.29
  caksuh—the eyes    SB 2.6.3, SB 2.10.21, SB 6.3.16, SB 8.12.17
  caksuh—eye    SB 3.25.8, SB 3.25.9, SB 8.1.11, SB 8.5.36
  caksuh—the sense of sight    SB 3.26.48, SB 3.26.55
  caksuh—Caksu    SB 5.17.5, SB 9.23.1
  caksuh—of eyes (senses)    SB 2.1.30
  caksuh—sense of sight    SB 3.26.38
  caksuh—named Caksuh    SB 4.13.15-16
  caksuh—the branch known as Caksu    SB 5.17.7
  caksuh—the eye of knowledge    SB 8.22.5
  asat-caksuh—the eye (revealer) of the illusory energy    SB 3.27.11
  caksuh-mat—as if possessed of eyes    SB 3.23.19
  sastra-caksuh—expert in the authoritative scriptures    Madhya 23.72
  sva-caksuh—personal plan    SB 3.5.51

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