Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: cakruh

  cakruh—performed    SB 6.7.18, SB 7.2.59, Adi 6.64
  cakruh—executed    SB 7.3.19, SB 7.7.2, SB 10.6.20
  cakruh—they made    SB 4.13.11, SB 10.11.35
  cakruh—did bestow    SB 1.5.24
  cakruh—did perform    SB 1.7.58
  cakruh—began to do    SB 4.14.36
  cakruh—they did    SB 8.6.32
  cakruh—did    SB 8.8.9
  cakruh—made    SB 8.18.5
  cakruh—did so    SB 9.4.8
  cakruh—they accepted    SB 9.16.35
  cakruh—they created    SB 9.23.6
  cakruh—committed    Antya 5.137
  arcayam cakruh—performed ritualistic ceremonies    SB 10.7.12
  bhusayam cakruh—dressed very nicely to attend the festival    SB 10.5.9
  darsayam cakruh—manifested    SB 9.21.15
  diksayam cakruh—initiated    SB 6.13.18
  kalpayam cakruh—executed    SB 8.8.12
  namah cakruh—offered respectful obeisances    SB 9.6.29
  nasayam cakruh—began to annihilate    SB 7.10.54-55
  vartayam cakruh—began to execute    SB 9.6.26
  vijnapayam cakruh—they informed    SB 8.5.17-18

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