Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: cabbisa

  cabbisa—twenty-four    Adi 7.34, Adi 10.17, Adi 13.10, Adi 13.11, Adi 13.33, Adi 13.34, Madhya 13.33, Madhya 20.191, Madhya 20.223
  cabbisa—twenty-fourth    Madhya 3.3
  cabbisa ghate—in the twenty-four ghats, or bathing places    Madhya 17.190
  cabbisa vatsara—for twenty-four years    Madhya 1.15
  cabbisa vatsara—of those twenty-four years    Madhya 1.16
  cabbisa vatsara—the twenty-four years    Madhya 1.17
  cabbisa vatsara—twenty-four years    Madhya 1.89
  ei cabbisa murti—all of these twenty-four forms    Madhya 20.207
  sardha-cabbisa—twenty-four and a half    Madhya 21.125

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