Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bujhite

  bujhite—to understand    Adi 14.70, Adi 14.81, Adi 15.22, Adi 16.18, Adi 16.38, Adi 17.151, Adi 17.174, Adi 17.297, Madhya 1.280, Madhya 2.83 (and more...)
  bujhite na pari—we cannot understand.    Antya 4.89, Antya 4.190, Antya 7.82, Antya 16.147
  bujhite pare—can understand.    Antya 4.84, Antya 5.87, Antya 7.165, Antya 18.30
  bujhite na pare—not able to understand    Madhya 20.385
  bujhite nare—could not understand    Antya 9.147
  ke bujhite pare—who can understand    Antya 9.58
  ke pare bujhite—who can understand    Antya 2.143
  keha bujhite na pare—others could not understand.    Antya 19.18
  keha na bujhite pare—no one can understand    Antya 3.82
  pare bujhite—can understand.    Antya 3.47

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