Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: buddhi

  buddhi—intelligence    Bg 6.20-23, Bg 18.36-37, SB 1.14.10, SB 2.1.18, SB 3.26.29, SB 3.27.14, SB 4.29.18-20, SB 4.29.70, SB 6.8.30, SB 7.9.9 (and more...)
  buddhi—the intelligence    SB 6.16.23, Adi 17.257
  buddhi—of the intelligence    SB 7.3.28, SB 7.5.9
  buddhi—culture of knowledge    SB 1.5.22
  buddhi—of intellectual activities    SB 4.9.15
  buddhi—by the intelligence    SB 5.2.18
  buddhi—of intelligence    SB 7.7.26
  buddhi—and intelligence    Madhya 16.262
  buddhi—acceptance    Madhya 25.79
  buddhi-yogam—real intelligence    Bg 10.10, Adi 1.49, Madhya 24.173, Madhya 24.192
  buddhi-agocara—beyond our imagination    Madhya 18.120
  buddhi-anumeya-lakṣaṇaiḥ—by real intelligence and by such symptoms    SB 10.3.15-17
  buddhi-avastham—position of mental speculation    SB 4.7.26
  buddhi-avasthānaḥ—the stages of material consciousness    SB 3.27.10
  buddhi-bala-udayam—intelligence and bodily strength are present    SB 10.1.48
  buddhi-bhedam—disrupt the intelligence    Bg 3.26
  buddhi-bhedaḥ—pollution of the intelligence    SB 7.5.10
  buddhi-bhraṁśaḥ—such enjoyments attract the intelligence    SB 10.10.8
  buddhi-gati—movement of my intelligence    Madhya 8.191
  buddhi-mana—my mind and intelligence.    Antya 11.22
  buddhi-matā—by an intelligent person    SB 10.1.48
  buddhi-mohaḥ—illusion of intelligence    SB 10.8.40
  buddhi-mān—an intelligent person    Adi 1.59
  buddhi-nāśa—loss of intelligence    Madhya 9.227
  buddhi-nāśa—bereft of intelligence    Antya 5.138
  buddhi-nāśaḥ—loss of intelligence    Bg 2.63
  buddhi-nāśāt—and from loss of intelligence    Bg 2.63
  buddhi-praveśa nāhi—my intelligence cannot penetrate    Antya 20.77
  buddhi-saṁyogam—revival of such consciousness    Bg 6.43
  buddhi-sārathiḥ—with the help of intelligence, the chariot driver    SB 8.17.2-3
  buddhi-viśeṣa—a particular type of intelligence    Madhya 24.186
  buddhi-yogam—devotional activities    Bg 18.57
  buddhi-yogāt—on the strength of Kṛṣṇa consciousness    Bg 2.49
  buddhi-yuktaḥ—one who is engaged in devotional service    Bg 2.50
  buddhi-yuktāḥ—being done in devotional service    Bg 2.51
  buddhi-ādibhiḥ—by intelligence    SB 2.2.35
  deha-vāk-buddhi-jam—performed by the body, words and intelligence    SB 6.1.13-14
  ghṛṇā-buddhi kari—I regard with hatred    Antya 4.180
  hīna-buddhi—consideration as inferior in quality    Madhya 1.114
  kṣudra-buddhi—possessing limited intelligence    Madhya 9.125
  kṣudra-buddhi—limited intelligence    Antya 20.71
  ku-buddhi—poor understanding    Adi 3.78
  ku-buddhi—less intelligent    Madhya 12.181
  ku-buddhi—intelligence not favorable to discharging devotional service    Antya 4.65
  manaḥ-buddhi—mind and intelligence    Antya 20.93
  manuṣya-buddhi—considering an ordinary human being    Antya 10.19
  prākṛta-buddhi—conception as material    Antya 4.173
  pūruṣa-buddhi-sākṣiṇām—of those who are always absorbed in thought of the Supreme Lord    SB 4.3.21
  rati-buddhi—devotional attraction and intelligence    Madhya 24.188
  sarva-buddhi-dṛk—the supreme observer, the Supersoul, the intelligence of everyone.    SB 10.3.13
  sei buddhi—that intelligence    Madhya 24.191
  su-buddhi—very intelligent    Madhya 12.122
  su-buddhi—actually intelligent    Madhya 22.35
  su-buddhi—intelligent    Madhya 24.194
  sāmānya-buddhi-yukta—endowed with common intelligence    Madhya 24.186
  ātma-buddhi—concept of self    Adi 7.123
  ātma-buddhi—considering as the self    Madhya 6.173

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