Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: brahmane

  brahmaṇe—unto Lord Brahmā    SB 2.2.32, SB 2.8.28, SB 2.9.4, Adi 1.50
  brahmaṇe—unto the Supreme Brahman    SB 7.10.10, SB 10.10.33
  brāhmaṇe—in the brāhmaṇa    Bg 5.18, Adi 17.163
  brāhmaṇe—brāhmaṇa    Madhya 17.164, Madhya 17.192
  brahmaṇe—the supreme cause    SB 6.16.22
  brahmaṇe—who is the Supreme Brahman (Parabrahman)    SB 8.3.8-9
  brahmaṇe—unto the brahmā priest, who supervises what is done in the sacrificial arena    SB 9.11.2
  brahmaṇe—unto the priest known as brahmā    SB 9.16.21-22
  brāhmaṇe—unto a brāhmaṇa    SB 5.26.16
  brāhmaṇe—from the brāhmaṇa priest    Madhya 4.113
  brāhmaṇe—to the brāhmaṇas, the most intelligent men in spiritual understanding    Madhya 24.259
  brāhmaṇe—to the brāhmaṇas    Antya 3.136
  brāhmaṇe—to Gopāla Cakravartī    Antya 3.208
  bhaṭṭācārya brāhmaṇe—the brāhmaṇa known as Balabhadra Bhaṭṭācārya    Madhya 25.224
  dui brāhmaṇe—two brāhmaṇas    Madhya 19.4
  go-brāhmaṇe—cows and brahminical culture    Antya 3.50
  sakala brāhmaṇe—to all the brāhmaṇas    Madhya 4.83
  sakala brāhmaṇe—all the brāhmaṇas who were present there    Madhya 4.87
  sei brāhmaṇe—the Sanoḍiyā brāhmaṇa    Madhya 18.139

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