Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: brahmandera

  brahmandera—of the universes    Madhya 21.22, Madhya 21.58
  brahmandera—of universes    Adi 5.70
  brahmandera—of all the universes    Madhya 21.93-94
  brahmandera bharta—maintainer of the universe.    Adi 6.21
  brahmandera isvara—the master of the universe    Madhya 20.293
  brahmandera gana—all the groups of universes    Madhya 20.259
  brahmandera gana—all the universes    Madhya 20.277
  brahmandera gana—all the innumerable groups of universes.    Madhya 21.86
  koti-brahmandera karta—the creator of millions and millions of universes    Adi 6.21

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