Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhumite

  bhumite—on the ground    Adi 5.197, Adi 15.16, Madhya 1.98, Madhya 1.242, Madhya 3.120, Madhya 3.128, Madhya 4.45, Madhya 4.198, Madhya 7.23, Madhya 7.92 (and more...)
  bhumite—in the land    Adi 9.41
  bhumite sayana—lying on the floor    Antya 13.15
  bhumite padila—fell on the ground    Madhya 18.162
  bharata-bhumite—in the land of India    Antya 4.98
  usara-bhumite—in barren land    Madhya 6.105

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