Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhuman

  bhūman—O great one    SB 3.4.15, SB 3.14.15, SB 7.9.17, SB 8.7.23
  bhūman—O Supreme    SB 8.23.17, SB 9.10.14
  bhūman—O great lord    SB 3.15.9
  bhūman—O my Lord    SB 3.25.7
  bhūman—O possessor of the universe    SB 4.7.37
  bhūman—O great personality    SB 7.3.7
  bhūman—O my great Lord    SB 7.9.48
  bhūman—O greatest universal form    SB 10.10.37
  bhūman—O supreme great one    Madhya 21.9

Can't find any compound Sanskrit words containing bhuman.