Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhrt

  bhrt—becomes    SB 4.14.10
  bahu-anartha-bhrt—bearing many inauspicious things    SB 3.27.25
  bhuri-bhara-bhrt—because Krsna then became more powerful and heavy than the demon.    SB 10.7.26
  bhuta-bhrt—maintainer of all living entities    Bg 9.5
  deha-bhrt—embodied    Bg 14.14
  dharma-bhrt—one who observes the religious principles    SB 4.23.1-3
  sarva-bhrt—maintainer of everyone    Bg 13.15
  tanu-bhrt—a living entity who has accepted a material body    SB 5.1.12
  tanu-bhrt—one who has accepted a material body    SB 5.11.15
  tanu-bhrt—the living entities embodied in material nature    SB 8.3.17
  vraja-bhrt—the inhabitants of Vrajabhumi    SB 2.7.33

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