Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhratuh

  bhratuh—of the brother    SB 1.13.14, SB 3.5.20, SB 7.2.17, SB 9.22.25
  bhratuh—of your brother    SB 4.11.9, SB 4.11.24
  bhratuh—of his brother    SB 3.1.6
  bhratuh—brotherís    SB 3.1.16
  bhratuh—the brother    SB 4.11.33
  bhratuh—his brother    SB 4.28.11
  bhratuh—their brother (Jada Bharata)    SB 5.9.8
  bhratuh—toward her brother Kamsa    SB 10.4.25
  bhratuh vadham—the killing of his brother    SB 7.4.4
  bhratuh-putra—nephew    Madhya 1.42

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