Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhrata

  bhrata—brother    SB 4.27.30, SB 4.28.11, SB 7.2.6, SB 8.22.4, SB 9.15.10
  bhrata—the brother    SB 6.7.29-30, SB 8.19.7
  bhrata—a faithful brother    SB 6.5.31
  bhrata—Yayati    SB 9.18.4
  bhrata-sane—with the brother    Adi 5.172
  jyestha-bhrata—the elder brother    Antya 1.200
  laghu-bhrata—younger brother    Antya 4.227
  mora bhrata—My brother    Madhya 9.301
  ramananda-bhrata—the brother of Sri Ramananda Raya    Madhya 1.265
  uttama-bhrata—the brother of Uttama    SB 8.1.27

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