Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhramana

  bhramaṇa—touring.    Adi 13.36, Antya 3.149
  bhramaṇa—wandering.    Madhya 3.4, Madhya 19.138
  bhramaṇa—traveling.    Madhya 1.92
  dakṣiṇa-bhramaṇa—touring in South India.    Madhya 7.112
  dakṣiṇa-tīrtha-bhramaṇa—going on pilgrimage in South India    Madhya 25.250
  go-puccha-bhramaṇa-ādibhiḥ—by waving around the switch of a cow.    SB 10.6.19
  karena bhramaṇa—wanders.    Antya 7.73-74
  karena bhramaṇa—wanders    Antya 10.61
  tīrtha-bhramaṇa—touring in places of pilgrimage    Madhya 10.11

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