Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhrama

  bhrama—mistakes    Adi 2.86, Madhya 2.73
  bhrama—mistake    Adi 7.107, Madhya 18.105
  bhrama—interaction    SB 4.7.39
  bhrama—suspicion.    Adi 9.35
  bhrama—doubt    Adi 16.11
  bhrama—mistake.    Antya 4.176
  bhrama—illusion    SB 3.33.27
  bhida-bhrama—differences from misunderstanding    SB 4.31.16
  bhrama hana gela—I was mistaken    Madhya 15.60
  bhrama haya—there is illusion    Madhya 17.55
  bhrama mane—mistakes    Madhya 18.108
  bhrama-maya—erroneous    Adi 4.107
  bhrama-maya—forgetful    Madhya 2.5
  bhrama-abha—resembling bewilderment    Antya 14.16
  citta-bhrama—mental concoction    Madhya 21.145
  satya-bhrama—mistaking for the truth.    Madhya 18.98
  vrndavana-bhrama—mistook as Vrndavana    Madhya 1.104

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