Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhitare

  bhitare—within    Adi 5.34, Madhya 2.13, Madhya 2.19, Madhya 2.50, Madhya 10.59, Madhya 14.196, Antya 3.209, Antya 10.85
  bhitare—inside    Adi 17.60, Madhya 6.63, Madhya 25.125, Antya 10.94
  bhitare—the within    Adi 4.85
  bhitare—within the universe    Adi 5.95
  bhitare—within.    Adi 5.207
  bhitare—within his heart    Antya 6.15
  bhitare—within his mind    Antya 13.20
  gṛhera bhitare—within the room    Madhya 3.60, Madhya 12.200
  avatāra-bhitare—among the incarnations    Adi 2.81
  bhitare āchilā—was staying inside    Antya 3.154
  brahmāṇḍa-bhitare—within the universe    Madhya 1.267
  brahmāṇḍa-bhitare—throughout the universe.    Madhya 20.217
  dui prahara bhitare—within six hours    Madhya 15.225
  gambhīrā-bhitare—inside the inner room    Madhya 2.7
  gharera bhitare—within the room    Madhya 15.223
  gophāra bhitare—within a cave.    Madhya 18.59
  hṛdaya-bhitare—within his heart    Madhya 25.127
  jalera bhitare—within the water.    Madhya 18.137
  sakāma-bhitare—in the division of material activities    Madhya 24.95
  udyāna-bhitare—within a garden.    Madhya 20.37
  veśyāra bhitare—among the prostitutes    Antya 7.115
  yāhāra bhitare—within which    Antya 1.123

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