Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhinna

  bhinna—separated    SB 7.2.7-8, Madhya 2.12, Antya 14.65-66
  bhinna—separate    SB 3.29.8, Madhya 15.231, Antya 2.60
  bhinna—divided    SB 3.8.26, SB 4.5.10
  bhinna—separated    Bg 7.4, Madhya 6.164
  bhinna—broken    SB 4.28.21
  bhinna—demonstrating different    SB 6.4.32
  bhinna—were shocked    SB 10.6.15-17
  bhinna bhinna—different    Adi 1.108-109, Adi 1.108-109, Adi 13.121, Adi 13.121
  bhinna bhinna—separate from one another    Madhya 20.207, Madhya 20.207
  bhinna bhinna dharma—different grades of religious principles.    Madhya 17.184, Madhya 17.184
  bhinna artha—different meanings    Madhya 24.35
  bhinna nahe—not separate    Madhya 16.66
  bhinna-abhinna rupa—having different types of forms    Madhya 20.308
  bhinna-bhandat—from a cracked pot    SB 4.14.41
  bhinna-darsinah—of a separatist    SB 3.29.23
  bhinna-dhih—whose intelligence is changed    SB 6.5.41
  bhinna-drsah—having a differential outlook    SB 3.29.26
  bhinna-drsam—with separate vision    SB 3.29.37
  bhinna-drk—having separated vision    SB 4.9.33
  bhinna-hrdayam—whose heart is pierced    SB 4.29.54
  bhinna-marma—aggrieved at heart    SB 4.11.28
  bhinna-maryadah—who have broken the regulative principles    SB 5.26.22
  bhinna-mukhah—having a broken mouth    SB 6.11.11
  bhinna-matra kaya—only two different bodies    Adi 5.5
  bhinna-navah—whose ship is wrecked    SB 8.11.25
  bhinna-setave—having broken all rules of civility    SB 4.2.13
  bhinna-setuh—beyond the Vedic principles of morality.    Antya 18.25
  bhinna-vaksah—whose chest has been split    SB 7.8.49
  bhinna-abhase—manifested differently    Madhya 20.183
  bhinna-akara—bodily differences    Madhya 20.183
  sanchinna-bhinna-sarva-angah—all the limbs wounded    SB 4.6.1-2
  tat bhinna—being separated    SB 1.18.35

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