Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhede

  bhede—by differences    Adi 4.81, Madhya 20.184, Madhya 20.195
  bhede—with differences    Adi 4.79, Madhya 20.243
  bhede—in each variety    Madhya 14.141
  bhede—in different types    Madhya 14.142
  bhede—according to varieties    Madhya 20.171
  bhede—according to differentiation    Madhya 20.172
  bhede—by different    Madhya 20.183
  bhede—in terms of differences    Madhya 20.207
  bhede—according to differences    Madhya 23.45
  bhede—in two divisions    Madhya 23.62
  bhede—by varieties    Madhya 24.158
  bhede—different    Antya 19.101
  astra-bhede—according to the different weapons    Madhya 20.191
  bhakta-bhede—according to varieties of devotees    Madhya 19.183-184
  bhāva-bhede—according to different emotions    Madhya 20.188
  ei tina-bhede—and there is a third division    Madhya 14.143
  jāta-ajāta-rati-bhede—by distinction of mature love and immature love    Madhya 24.288
  keśava-bhede—according to the different opinion about Lord Keśava    Madhya 20.238
  līlā-bhede—by the difference of pastimes    Madhya 1.18
  mādhava-bhede—according to the different opinion about the bodily features of Lord Mādhava    Madhya 20.238
  nārāyaṇa-bhede—according to the different opinion about the bodily features of Lord Nārāyaṇa    Madhya 20.239
  prābhava-vaibhava-bhede—by the differences between prābhava and vaibhava,    Madhya 20.185
  rati-bhede—by attachment on different platforms    Madhya 19.183-184
  tina bhede—in three varieties    Madhya 24.155
  upāsanā-bhede—by the different paths of worship    Adi 2.27

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