Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhedah

  bhedaḥ—difference    SB 3.5.8
  bhedaḥ—the distinction    SB 3.26.14
  bhedaḥ—partiality    SB 8.9.7
  bhedaḥ—the idea of difference between body and self    SB 10.4.20
  artha-bhedaḥ—differentiation of value    SB 6.17.30
  bhūta-bhedaḥ—distinct from all other material form    SB 3.11.15
  buddhi-bhedaḥ—pollution of the intelligence    SB 7.5.10
  catuḥ-bhedāḥ—having four divisions    Madhya 23.84-85
  saṁsthā-bhedaḥ—different situations of habitation    SB 3.10.9
  tat-bhedāḥ—different features of that    Antya 14.16
  vastu-bhedaḥ—difference in the substance    SB 8.12.8

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