Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bheda

  bheda—difference    Adi 1.69-70, Adi 2.100, Adi 4.96, Adi 4.97, Adi 6.10, Adi 7.5, Adi 12.11, Adi 17.113, Adi 17.156, Madhya 9.153 (and more...)
  bheda—different    SB 4.7.31, Madhya 6.163, Madhya 24.294
  bheda—differentiation    SB 3.9.14, Madhya 20.244
  bheda—divisions    Adi 13.18, Madhya 14.149
  bheda—distinction    SB 7.5.12
  bheda—divisions.    Adi 13.18
  bheda—of difference    Adi 14.28
  bheda—different.    Adi 16.77
  bheda—the difference    Madhya 6.162
  bheda—varieties    Madhya 14.141
  bheda—varieties.    Madhya 19.183-184
  bheda—division    Madhya 19.192
  bheda—differentiated    Madhya 20.239
  bheda—different varieties    Madhya 24.155
  dui bheda—two divisions    Madhya 19.144, Madhya 20.184, Madhya 23.56, Madhya 24.129
  deha-dehi-bheda—the distinction between the body and soul    Antya 5.121, Antya 5.122
  asta bheda—a total of eight kinds.    Madhya 24.288
  bheda nahi—there is no difference    Madhya 17.131
  bheda-abheda—one and different    Madhya 20.108-109
  bheda-bhramam—the misunderstanding of differentiation    Madhya 8.195
  bheda-buddhih—sense of differentiation    SB 4.24.61
  bheda-buddhya—considering as different    SB 3.16.10
  bheda-dhara—differences in holding    Madhya 20.239
  bheda-drstya—because of independent vision    SB 3.32.12-15
  bheda-mataye—who produced different inclinations    SB 4.7.39
  bheda-mohaih—by exhibition of the bewilderment of differentiation    SB 9.8.23
  bheda-mohah—misconception of duality.    SB 1.9.42
  bheda-mohah—whose misconception of duality.    Adi 2.21
  deha-bheda—bodily difference    Adi 10.134
  dui bheda haya—there are two kinds.    Madhya 24.154
  hanu-bheda-bhisanam—causing fear due to the separation of the jaws    SB 7.8.19-22
  kichu bheda—any difference    Antya 2.67
  kula-bheda-kara—who are bringing about a disruption in the family    SB 7.8.5
  murti-bheda—different forms    Adi 5.124
  murti-bheda—difference of form    Madhya 20.172
  sodasa bheda pracara—there are sixteen varieties.    Madhya 24.291
  na bujhibe bheda—one cannot understand the depth of meaning.    Antya 9.149
  nahi bheda—there is no difference    Madhya 17.132
  nama-bheda—different names    Madhya 1.18
  nama-bheda—the difference of names    Madhya 20.191
  prakasa-bheda—separate expansion    Adi 6.92
  rati-bheda—the different attachments    Madhya 19.183-184
  rupa-bheda—distinctions of form    SB 3.29.30
  rupa-bheda—of the transformation of forms    SB 3.29.37
  svara-bheda—choking of the voice    Madhya 2.72
  sadhaka dui bheda—those practicing are of two varieties    Madhya 24.288
  tina bheda—three divisions.    Madhya 14.151
  tina bheda haya—there are three different groups    Madhya 24.108
  varna-vesa-bheda—by differences of dress and color    Madhya 20.187
  vilasa-bheda—by the different pastimes    Madhya 20.185
  vakya-bheda—difference of opinion    SB 1.17.18

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