Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhayat

  bhayat—out of fear    Bg 2.35, SB 3.29.40, SB 3.29.42, SB 4.14.9, SB 4.28.19, SB 5.8.4, SB 7.1.31, SB 9.15.35-36, SB 9.23.35-36
  bhayat—because of fear    SB 3.2.16, SB 5.24.15, SB 7.13.32, SB 8.2.21
  bhayat—from fear    SB 4.4.7, SB 6.8.18, SB 7.1.30
  bhayat—from danger.    Bg 2.40
  bhayat—out of    Bg 18.8
  bhayat—from the fear of    SB 2.7.31
  bhayat—fearful conditions.    SB 6.8.41
  bhayat—fearful situation    SB 6.9.24
  bhayat—from all kinds of fear    SB 10.7.31
  bhayat—on account of feeling danger because Krsna had entered the mouth of the demon    SB 10.12.29
  bhayat—by fear    Adi 5.35
  mat-bhayat—out of fear of Me    SB 3.25.42, SB 3.25.42, SB 3.25.42
  ari-bhayat—out of fear of the enemies    SB 3.4.16
  mrga-pati-bhayat—because of fear of the lion    SB 5.8.24
  mrtyu-gaja-bhayat—out of fear of the elephant of death    SB 5.14.33
  rudra-bhayat—by fear of Siva    SB 1.7.18
  ramacandra-puri-bhayat—due to fear of Ramacandra Puri    Antya 8.1
  tvastra-bhayat—from fear of the son of Tvasta    SB 6.9.23
  tyaga-bhayat—fearing rejection    SB 9.20.34
  uru-bhayat—great fear    SB 1.18.2
  yat-bhayat—out of fear of whom    SB 3.29.44
  yat-bhayat—from fear of the Lord    SB 8.2.33

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