Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhavat

  bhavat—present    SB 2.1.24, SB 2.8.12, SB 4.29.2b, Madhya 25.37
  bhavat—Your    SB 3.4.15, SB 4.9.11, SB 4.20.25, SB 4.20.29
  bhavat—your good self    SB 1.13.10, Adi 1.63, Madhya 10.12
  bhavat—of You    SB 3.9.17, Madhya 22.6
  bhavat—all that is being created    SB 2.5.3
  bhavat—and whatever was created in the past    SB 2.6.13-16
  bhavat—yourself    SB 2.6.43-45
  bhavat—you    SB 4.6.47
  bhavāt—of Śiva    SB 4.4.1
  asta-bhāvāt—without devotion    Madhya 22.30, Madhya 24.131, Madhya 24.141, Madhya 25.32
  bhavat-āyuṣām—of those of whom Your Lordship is the very life    Adi 4.173, Madhya 18.65, Antya 7.40
  bhavat-vidhāḥ—like you    SB 7.10.11, Madhya 20.57
  apṛthak-bhāvāt—because of not being separated from you    SB 10.8.12
  arbha-bhāvāt—from childhood    SB 5.1.26
  asta-bhāvāt—speculating in various ways but not knowing or desiring more information of Your lotus feet    SB 10.2.32
  bhavat-anugrahāt—by Your grace.    SB 3.25.30
  bhavat-chidam—that which stops repetition of birth and death    SB 2.6.36
  bhavat-hetoḥ—because of Your appearance    SB 10.3.29
  bhavat-jana—from Your intimate devotees    SB 4.9.10
  bhavat-kiṅkarīḥ—Your servants    Adi 6.67
  bhavat-nidhanāḥ—whose conclusion is in You.    Madhya 21.15
  bhavat-niyama-anupathāḥ—who are always obedient to your order    SB 5.10.4
  bhavat-pada-ambhoruha—Your lotus feet    SB 10.2.31
  bhavat-prapannaḥ—Lord Brahmā, who is surrendered unto You    SB 4.9.8
  bhavat-prasaṅgānām—of Your loving devotees    SB 4.30.33
  bhavat-prasādam—Your mercy    Antya 4.63
  bhavat-pāda-parāyaṇāt—one who is wholly and solely engaged in the service of the Supreme Lord’s lotus feet    SB 5.18.22
  bhavat-svabhāvānām—who have attained Your qualities    SB 5.3.11
  bhavat-tanūnām—who are nondifferent from You.    SB 10.10.38
  bhavat-udbhavena—by Your appearance.    SB 3.15.46
  bhavat-vidhaḥ—like your good self    SB 3.14.12
  bhavat-vidhaḥ—like you    SB 8.15.29
  bhavat-vidheṣu—unto persons like you    SB 3.21.24
  bhavat-vidhānām—like Your Lordship    SB 6.10.5
  bhavat-vipakṣeṇa—simply going against You    SB 8.22.8
  bhavat-vraje—in your house    SB 10.5.27
  bhavat-āyuṣām—of persons who consider You as the duration of life    Madhya 8.219
  ghora-tamāt bhāvāt—from the most ghastly contemplation of how to kill his sister    SB 10.2.23
  punaḥ-bhavāt—which is liable to birth, death and old age    SB 5.19.23

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