Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhavanam

  bhavanam—the palace    SB 3.1.10, SB 3.22.32, SB 4.9.58-59, SB 4.21.5
  bhāvanam—the cause.    SB 3.32.7, SB 4.29.76-77
  bhavanam—house    SB 3.23.11
  bhavanam—to the palace    SB 6.14.14
  bhavanam—the whole atmosphere of the house    SB 10.2.20
  bhavānām—of all your incarnations (as Vasu)    SB 3.4.12
  bhāvanam—modeling forms    SB 3.26.46
  bhāvānām—actions    SB 1.4.17-18
  bhāvānām—of all the elements    SB 3.26.49
  bhāvānām—situations    SB 8.12.4
  akhila-dharma-bhāvanam—who is the master of all religious principles or the occupational duties for a human being.    SB 8.1.16
  bhāvita-bhūta-bhāvanam—who manifests His different forms for the satisfaction of His devotees    SB 5.17.18
  ca ananya-bhāvānām—and of the exclusive devotees    SB 1.7.25
  eka-bhāvānām—having one nature    SB 4.7.54
  mahendra-bhavanam—the palace of Indra, the King of heaven    SB 7.4.8
  rāja-bhavanam—the royal palace    SB 9.10.45-46
  sarva-bhāvānām—of all types of creation    Madhya 20.113
  sat-asat-bhāva-bhāvanam—the cause of varieties of creation, its cause and effect    SB 8.7.24
  sva-bhavanam—personal palaces    SB 1.11.30
  sva-bhavanam—to His own abode    SB 8.4.13
  viśva-bhāvanam—for the welfare of the universe    SB 4.7.32
  ātma-bhāvanam—who generates all living entities    SB 3.15.6

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