Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhata

  bhata—rice    Madhya 3.94, Antya 1.21, Antya 1.22, Antya 6.318, Antya 8.59, Antya 10.134
  bhata—the rice    Madhya 3.95, Antya 6.315, Antya 6.317
  bhata—soldiers    SB 3.28.28
  bhata—O expert in battle    SB 4.5.4
  bhata—of the soldiers    Adi 6.73
  bhata—and boiled rice.    Madhya 3.68
  bhata—rice.    Madhya 4.72
  bhata—cooked rice    Madhya 25.206
  bhata—professional blessers    Adi 13.106
  bhata—blessers    Adi 13.109
  bhata dite—to supply rice    Antya 1.20
  bhata dui-cari—two or four pieces of the thrown rice    Madhya 3.95
  bhata kari—preparing rice    Antya 2.87
  bhata kari—cooking rice    Antya 2.101
  dadhi-bhata—yogurt with rice    Antya 10.151
  ghara-bhata karena—he cooks rice at home    Antya 13.106
  khaila bhata—ate the food.    Antya 3.35
  maha-bhata—by the mighty fighter    SB 3.19.14
  saba bhata—all the rice.    Madhya 15.59
  sei bhata—that food    Antya 6.316
  sei bhata—that rejected rice    Antya 6.317
  supta-bhata—Suptabhata    SB 5.20.3-4
  sva-bhata—of his own servants    SB 6.3.1
  vyanjana-bhata—rice and vegetables.    Antya 12.143
  vyanjana-bhata—vegetables and rice.    Antya 12.148

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