Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhartr

  bhartṛ—of the master    SB 4.21.25, SB 7.2.13
  bhartṛ—the protector    SB 1.11.3
  bhartṛ—of the King    SB 4.13.49
  bhartṛ—for the husband    SB 4.14.25
  bhartṛ—of her husband    SB 4.23.22
  bhartṛ-bhagavat-kathām—the glories of his master, who is also the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 5.19.2
  bhartṛ-śāsanam—chastisement by the master    SB 5.10.7
  bhartṛ-karma-niṣpattim—the accomplishment of their master’s work    SB 5.9.14
  bhartṛ-sammitāḥ—along with their husbands    SB 4.3.10
  bhavānī-bhartṛ śabda—the word bhavānī-bhartṛ ("the husband of Bhavānī")    Adi 16.62
  bhūta-bhartṛ—maintainer of all living entities    Bg 13.17
  sva-bhartṛ-gaditam—explained by their master (Yamarāja)    SB 6.3.34

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