Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bharata

  bharata—O son of Bharata    Bg 13.3, Bg 13.34, Bg 14.3, Bg 14.8, Bg 14.9, Bg 14.10, Bg 15.19, Bg 15.20, Bg 16.1-3, Bg 17.3 (and more...)
  bharata—O descendant of Bharata    Bg 1.24, Bg 2.18, Bg 2.28, Bg 2.30, Bg 3.25, Bg 4.7, Bg 4.42, SB 2.1.5, SB 3.11.37, SB 3.13.19 (and more...)
  bharata—O scion of Bharata    Bg 7.27, SB 8.1.8
  bharata—O Maharaja Pariksit    SB 6.9.1, SB 6.10.2, SB 9.6.23-24, SB 10.1.62-63, SB 10.8.51, SB 10.13.12
  bharata—O King Pariksit    SB 5.1.10, SB 6.13.18, SB 6.17.16, SB 8.24.13, SB 9.18.41
  bharata—O best of the Bharata dynasty.    SB 8.17.11, SB 9.1.11-12
  bharata—O Maharaja Pariksit, descendant of Maharaja Bharata    SB 9.20.1, SB 10.3.12
  bharata—the descendants of King Bharata    SB 1.9.5
  bharata—Lord Bharata    SB 9.10.2
  bharata—O Dhrtarastra, descendant of Bharata    Bg 2.10
  bharata—O descendant of the Bharata dynasty.    Bg 2.14
  bharata—O best of the Bharatas.    Bg 11.6
  bharata—the Mahabharata    SB 1.4.28-29
  bharata—O son of the Bharata family    SB 3.14.33
  bharata—my dear Vidura.    SB 4.19.7
  bharata—O Maharaja Pariksit, descendant of the dynasty of Bharata    SB 6.6.23
  bharata—O Maharaja Pariksit, the best of the Bharatas    SB 6.14.28
  bharata—O great son of Bharata    SB 7.8.26
  bharata—O Maharaja Pariksit, descendant of Bharata.    SB 8.12.42
  bharata—of India    Adi 9.41
  bharata—Mahabharata    Madhya 6.97
  bharata-rsabha—O best of the Bharata dynasty    SB 3.4.36, SB 5.16.13-14, Madhya 24.94
  bharata-agrajah—the elder brother of Maharaja Bharata    SB 6.8.15
  bharata-srestha—O chief of the Bharatas    Bg 17.12
  bharata-muni—the saintly person named Bharata Muni    Adi 4.257
  bharata-sattama—O best of the Bharatas    Bg 18.4
  bharata-rsabha—O best among the descendants of Bharata    SB 1.9.17
  bharata-rsabha—O Maharaja Pariksit, best of the Bharata dynasty.    SB 9.10.52
  bharata-rsabhah—Maharaja Pariksit    SB 2.3.13
  bharata-rsabhah—the best of the descendants in Bharata Maharaja’s dynasty, namely Maharaja Yudhisthira    SB 7.15.78
  bharata-ajire—in the courtyard of Bharata-varsa    SB 5.19.21
  bharata-artha-vinirnayah—the ascertainment of the Mahabharata    Madhya 25.143-144
  bharata-bhu-jayah—a birth in the land of Bharata-varsa    SB 5.19.23
  bharata-bhumite—in the land of India    Antya 4.98
  bharata-uttama—O best of the descendents of Bharata    SB 5.19.31

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