Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhakte

  bhakte—the devotee    Adi 4.143, Madhya 13.24, Madhya 15.39, Antya 20.139
  bhakte—unto the devotee    Adi 8.18, Madhya 12.186, Madhya 20.219, Antya 1.205
  bhakte—devotees    Madhya 17.72, Madhya 24.291
  bhakte—all the devotees    Madhya 24.292, Antya 12.65
  bhakte—His devotee    Adi 6.101
  bhakte—unto devotees    Adi 10.56
  bhakte—in the devotee    Madhya 6.12
  saba bhakte—to all the devotees    Antya 6.95, Antya 11.100
  gauḍera bhakte—to the devotees coming from Bengal    Antya 10.157
  gauḍīyā-bhakte—to all the devotees of Bengal    Madhya 1.135
  iṅhāra bhakte—His devotees.    Madhya 25.9
  kṛṣṇa-bhakte—in the devotees of Lord Kṛṣṇa    Madhya 22.75
  nija bhakte ātmasāt—accepting His devotee again    Antya 2.169
  pañca-vidha-bhakte—in five kinds of devotees    Madhya 19.187
  priya bhakte—unto His dear devotees    Antya 2.143
  saba bhakte—unto all devotees    Adi 17.230
  sakala bhakte—all the devotees    Madhya 14.76
  sakāma-bhakte—to devotees who still have material desires to fulfill    Madhya 24.102
  sarva-bhakte—to every devotee    Madhya 11.130
  sarva-bhakte—to all the devotees    Antya 12.66
  tvat-bhakte—unto Your devotee    SB 7.10.15-17

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