Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhakta

  bhakta—devotees    SB 3.32.40, Adi 1.108-109, Adi 3.11, Adi 3.18, Adi 3.88, Adi 4.232, Adi 10.57, Adi 10.63, Adi 10.122, Adi 10.152-154 (and more...)
  bhakta—devotee    Adi 4.19, Adi 6.93, Adi 7.17, Adi 7.39, Madhya 5.122, Madhya 7.64, Madhya 9.107, Madhya 12.52, Madhya 13.54, Madhya 15.296 (and more...)
  bhakta—the devotees    Adi 1.32, Adi 1.38, Adi 1.81, Adi 1.82, Adi 2.25, Adi 4.265, Adi 7.88, Adi 17.246, Madhya 3.152, Madhya 3.200 (and more...)
  bhakta—a devotee    Adi 6.100, Madhya 6.257, Madhya 24.353, Madhya 25.127, Antya 3.188
  bhakta—all the devotees    Madhya 12.159, Madhya 15.182, Antya 1.53
  bhakta—of the devotee    Madhya 4.190, Madhya 18.152
  bhakta—of devotees    SB 4.12.42
  bhakta—the pure devotee    Adi 1.61
  bhakta—pure devotee    Adi 1.99
  bhakta—of a devotee    Adi 6.112
  bhakta—a pure devotee    Madhya 6.267
  bhakta—a great devotee    Madhya 18.52
  bhakta—to His devotees    Antya 10.1
  bhakta—by His devotees    Antya 10.1
  bhakta-gana—the devotees    Adi 4.33, Adi 4.39, Adi 4.234, Adi 6.38, Adi 7.169, Adi 10.163, Adi 13.31, Adi 17.7, Adi 17.18, Adi 17.87 (and more...)
  bhakta-gana—devotees    Adi 1.64, Adi 4.227-228, Adi 7.16, Adi 8.4, Adi 10.123, Adi 10.124-126, Adi 10.128, Adi 13.34, Adi 17.79, Adi 17.300 (and more...)
  bhakta-gana—all the devotees    Adi 17.251, Madhya 1.46, Madhya 1.49, Madhya 1.250, Madhya 3.150, Madhya 3.160, Madhya 3.172, Madhya 3.173, Madhya 3.186, Madhya 3.202 (and more...)
  gaura-bhakta-vrnda—to all the devotees of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu.    Adi 3.2, Adi 4.2, Madhya 5.2, Madhya 9.2, Madhya 10.2, Madhya 11.2, Madhya 12.2, Madhya 13.2, Madhya 15.2, Madhya 16.2 (and more...)
  bhakta-gana—O devotees.    Adi 3.3, Adi 4.3, Adi 6.119, Madhya 1.77, Madhya 7.154, Madhya 25.269, Madhya 25.272, Antya 1.9, Antya 3.145, Antya 3.171 (and more...)
  bhakta-gane—all the devotees    Madhya 1.121, Madhya 1.125, Madhya 1.218, Madhya 5.135, Madhya 10.34, Madhya 14.21, Madhya 14.39, Madhya 15.38, Madhya 17.71, Madhya 17.73 (and more...)
  bhakta-ganera—of the devotees    Adi 10.129, Madhya 1.95, Madhya 10.117, Madhya 13.108, Madhya 14.238, Antya 1.141, Antya 2.167, Antya 5.21, Antya 5.132, Antya 6.220 (and more...)
  bhakta-gane—unto the devotees    Adi 4.237, Adi 17.72, Adi 17.242, Madhya 1.217, Madhya 7.82, Madhya 8.158, Madhya 25.125, Antya 6.121
  bhakta-gane—the devotees    Madhya 4.170, Madhya 4.206, Madhya 14.254, Madhya 16.276, Antya 2.40, Antya 4.211, Antya 10.146, Antya 12.96, Antya 18.79, Antya 19.79
  gaura-bhakta-vrnda—to the devotees of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.    Madhya 21.2, Madhya 22.2, Madhya 23.2, Antya 7.2, Antya 17.2, Antya 18.2, Antya 20.2
  saba bhakta-gana—all the devotees.    Madhya 3.22, Madhya 14.76, Madhya 16.245-246, Antya 2.152, Antya 8.60, Antya 10.42, Antya 13.6
  bhakta-gane—to all the devotees.    Madhya 1.234, Madhya 1.270, Madhya 4.19, Madhya 7.91, Madhya 14.255, Antya 6.72
  gaura-bhakta-vrnda—to the devotees of Lord Caitanya.    Adi 1.18, Madhya 3.2, Madhya 17.2, Madhya 18.2, Antya 2.2, Antya 3.2
  bhakta-gana-sange—with the devotees    Madhya 3.201, Madhya 7.90, Madhya 10.153, Madhya 14.96, Antya 11.71
  jaya gaura-bhakta-vrnda—all glories to the devotees of Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.    Adi 5.2, Adi 6.2, Madhya 6.2, Madhya 8.2, Antya 1.8
  krsna-bhakta—a devotee of Lord Krsna    Madhya 8.246, Madhya 9.70, Madhya 19.149, Madhya 19.215, Madhya 24.182
  saba bhakta—all the devotees    Antya 5.157, Antya 10.3, Antya 10.49, Antya 11.45, Antya 12.66
  bhakta-avatara—incarnation of a devotee    Adi 3.92, Adi 5.120
  bhakta-gana—all devotees.    Madhya 1.248, Madhya 12.99, Madhya 13.67, Madhya 13.69
  bhakta-gane—to the devotees    Madhya 1.147, Madhya 3.206, Madhya 12.167, Madhya 15.92
  bhakta-sange—with the devotees    Madhya 4.210, Madhya 5.142-143, Madhya 10.130, Madhya 14.75
  gaura-bhakta-gana—to the devotees of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Madhya 12.3, Antya 9.3, Antya 11.8, Antya 12.3
  bhakta-avatara—incarnations as devotees    Adi 6.97, Adi 7.13, Madhya 20.317
  bhakta-gana—devotees.    Madhya 10.77, Madhya 10.99, Madhya 11.201
  bhakta-gana-sange—with His devotees    Madhya 14.114, Madhya 15.4, Antya 10.43
  bhakta-ganera—of all the devotees    Madhya 1.136, Madhya 11.17, Antya 6.252
  bhakta-vatsalya—affection for the devotee    Madhya 24.42, Antya 11.102, Antya 20.119
  gaudera bhakta-gana—devotees from Bengal    Madhya 16.12, Antya 4.105, Antya 6.242
  gaura-bhakta-vrnda—to the devotees of Lord Gauranga.    Adi 2.3, Antya 10.2, Antya 19.2
  jaya gaura-bhakta-vrnda—all glories to the devotees of Lord Caitanya.    Adi 15.2, Adi 17.2, Madhya 7.2
  jaya gaura-bhakta-vrnda—all glories to the devotees of the Lord.    Madhya 2.2, Madhya 4.2, Madhya 19.2
  bhakta lana—taking the devotees    Antya 1.54, Antya 2.162
  bhakta saba—all the devotees.    Madhya 15.17, Antya 6.102
  bhakta-avatara—the incarnation of a devotee    Adi 6.112, Adi 17.298
  bhakta-avataram—the incarnation as a devotee    Adi 1.13, Adi 6.5
  bhakta-avataram—in the incarnation of a devotee    Adi 1.14, Adi 7.6
  bhakta-bhava—the position of a devotee    Adi 3.20, Adi 4.41
  bhakta-bhava—the emotion of being a devotee    Adi 6.108, Adi 6.111
  bhakta-bhava—the mood of a devotee    Antya 3.75, Antya 18.16-17
  bhakta-gana—great devotees    Adi 8.71, Adi 10.127
  bhakta-gana lana—taking all the devotees.    Madhya 12.151, Madhya 16.250
  bhakta-gana-sange—with devotees    Madhya 3.137, Madhya 25.241
  bhakta-ganera gudha-dhana—the most confidential treasure of the devotees    Madhya 21.103, Madhya 21.103
  bhakta-guna—the attributes of a devotee    Antya 5.82, Antya 10.101
  bhakta-rupa—in the form of a devotee    Adi 1.14, Adi 7.6
  bhakta-sange—with devotees    Madhya 1.247, Madhya 11.135-136
  bhakta-vatsala—very kind to the devotees    Madhya 22.95, Madhya 25.268
  bhakta-akhyam—known as a devotee    Adi 1.14, Adi 7.6
  suddha-bhakta—pure devotees    Adi 4.27-28, Adi 7.16
  gaura-bhakta-gana—all the devotees of Lord Caitanya    Adi 9.3, Madhya 14.3
  gaura-bhakta-vrnda—to all the devotees of the Lord.    Adi 14.2, Adi 16.2
  lana bhakta-gana—with His devotees    Madhya 14.63, Antya 12.64
  lana bhakta-gana—accompanied by the devotees.    Madhya 14.91, Madhya 20.340
  saba bhakta—all devotees    Antya 9.146, Antya 12.8
  saba bhakta lana—with all the devotees    Madhya 14.239, Antya 12.52
  sarva-bhakta—all the devotees    Madhya 16.18, Antya 11.52
  sarva-bhakta-gana—all the devotees.    Madhya 12.149, Antya 11.60
  sei bhakta—that devotee    Madhya 18.44, Antya 4.46
  yata bhakta-gana—all the devotees.    Madhya 16.254, Antya 4.108-110
  ara bhakta-gana—other devotees    Madhya 14.68, Madhya 15.14
  advaita-adi bhakta-vrnda—as well as personalities like Advaita Acarya and all the devotees    Madhya 2.94
  advaita-adi bhakta-vrnda—as well as the devotees like Advaita Acarya    Madhya 25.280
  ajata-rati sadhaka-bhakta—immature devotees engaged in devotional service    Madhya 24.291
  bahu bhakta-gana—many devotees    Madhya 16.127-129
  bahu-bhakta—many devotees    Antya 6.45
  bhakta bali—as a devotee    Adi 6.89
  bhakta gana—the devotees    Antya 6.178
  bhakta janasya—of a pure devotee    NoI 6
  bhakta janera—of persons who are devotees    Madhya 18.42
  bhakta kahe—a devotee says    Antya 3.54
  bhakta khaya nirantara—and the devotees eat such fruit continuously    Madhya 25.276
  bhakta krpa-vase—being obliged by the devotional service of a devotee    Madhya 16.144
  bhakta lagi—especially for the purpose of His devotees    Madhya 25.267
  bhakta nahi—there is no devotee    Antya 7.45
  bhakta panca jana—five devotees.    Madhya 25.178
  bhakta saha—with His devotees    Antya 13.71
  bhakta sukhi—a devotee becomes happy    Madhya 23.46
  bhakta yata—all the devotees    Antya 7.66
  bhakta thani—in the presence of a devotee    Madhya 10.174
  bhakta-abhimana—to think oneself a devotee    Adi 6.88
  bhakta-abhimana—the conception of being a devotee.    Adi 6.99
  bhakta-abhimanine—considering Himself a devotee of Lord Krsna    Madhya 18.25
  bhakta-abhiraksanam—for the protection of His devotees.    SB 9.4.28
  bhakta-anga—the bodies of the devotees    Madhya 12.139
  bhakta-anurodhe—on the request of the devotees    Antya 4.116
  bhakta-avatara—of such an incarnation as a devotee    Adi 6.97
  bhakta-bhede—according to varieties of devotees    Madhya 19.183-184
  bhakta-bhukta-avasesa—and the remnants of food eaten by a devotee    Antya 16.60
  bhakta-bhava—the conception of being a devotee    Adi 6.105-106
  bhakta-bhava—the ecstasy of being a devotee    Adi 6.109
  bhakta-bhava—accept the form of a devotee.    Adi 7.11
  bhakta-bhava—the ecstasy of a devotee    Adi 7.12
  bhakta-bhava—devotional humors    Adi 17.275
  bhakta-bhava-maya—in the ecstasy of a devotee    Adi 7.10
  bhakta-bhave—as a devotee    Adi 6.103
  bhakta-bhave—in the emotion of a devotee    Adi 6.111
  bhakta-saktikam—the energy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who supplies energy to the devotee.    Adi 1.14
  bhakta-saktikam—the energy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.    Adi 7.6
  bhakta-sesa—the remnants of a devotee    Antya 16.59
  bhakta-citte—in the heart of a devotee    Antya 6.124
  bhakta-srama—the trouble of the devotee    Madhya 4.177
  bhakta-srama—the fatigue of the devotees    Antya 10.80
  bhakta-srestha—the best devotee    Adi 1.47
  bhakta-sura—of the heroic devotees.    Adi 10.62
  bhakta-datta—offered by the devotees    Antya 10.158
  bhakta-datta-asvadana—the tasting of the food given by the devotees    Antya 20.117
  bhakta-deha—the body of a devotee    Madhya 24.111
  bhakta-dharma—of the duty of a devotee    Madhya 16.148
  bhakta-duhkha—the unhappiness of the devotees    Madhya 25.5
  bhakta-duhkha dekhi—seeing the unhappiness of the devotees    Madhya 25.13
  bhakta-duhkha-bhaye—fearing the unhappiness of the devotees.    Antya 6.4
  bhakta-dvesi—envious of devotees    Adi 17.51
  bhakta-dvare—by the devotees    Antya 6.144
  bhakta-gana—with devotees    Adi 3.28
  bhakta-gana—all you devotees    Adi 13.51
  bhakta-gana—my dear devotees    Madhya 1.161
  bhakta-gana—all the other devotees    Madhya 12.202
  bhakta-gana—His associates    Madhya 12.216
  bhakta-gana—His devotees.    Madhya 16.286
  bhakta-gana—personal devotees    Antya 1.207
  bhakta-gana—of all devotees    Antya 3.94
  bhakta-gana—O devotees of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.    Antya 3.98
  bhakta-gana—pure devotees    Antya 3.196
  bhakta-gana—to the devotees.    Antya 15.3
  bhakta-gana lana—with the devotees    Madhya 12.153
  bhakta-gana lana—with all the devotees.    Madhya 14.96
  bhakta-gana lana—accompanied by the devotees    Madhya 15.97
  bhakta-gana lana—with other devotees.    Antya 4.16
  bhakta-gana lana—accompanied by His pure devotees    Antya 5.90
  bhakta-gana lana—with His devotees    Antya 7.4
  bhakta-gana lana—taking His devotees    Antya 11.11
  bhakta-gana lana—with all the other devotees.    Antya 14.69
  bhakta-gana lana—among all the devotees    Antya 19.66
  bhakta-gana sange—with the devotees    Madhya 5.142-143
  bhakta-gana satha—with the devotees.    Madhya 14.70
  bhakta-gana aila—the devotees arrived    Antya 10.107
  bhakta-gana-dhana—the treasure of the devotees.    Madhya 2.91
  bhakta-gana-mane—in the minds of the devotees    Antya 2.44
  bhakta-gana-prana—the life and soul of the devotees.    Antya 14.2
  bhakta-gana-pasa—to the devotees in Bengal    Antya 1.39
  bhakta-gana-pase—from the devotees    Antya 1.221
  bhakta-gana-saha—with the other devotees    Antya 8.71
  bhakta-gana-sange—along with devotees    Adi 13.38
  bhakta-gana-sange—with all the devotees    Madhya 1.23
  bhakta-gana-sange—with the other devotees    Madhya 5.7
  bhakta-gana-sange—along with the other devotees.    Madhya 5.138
  bhakta-gana-sange—in the society of His pure devotees    Madhya 12.69
  bhakta-gana-sange—with other devotees    Madhya 14.253
  bhakta-gana-sange—with all My devotees    Madhya 17.71
  bhakta-gana-sange—along with His devotees    Antya 9.4
  bhakta-gana-sange—with His personal devotees    Antya 10.133
  bhakta-gana-sange—in the association of devotees    Antya 16.3
  bhakta-gana-sane—along with other devotees    Madhya 15.132
  bhakta-gana-sane—with the devotees    Antya 13.104
  bhakta-gana-sathe—with other devotees.    Antya 11.63
  bhakta-gane—unto His devotees.    Adi 1.45
  bhakta-gane—to His direct disciples    Madhya 2.81
  bhakta-gane—to the pure devotees    Madhya 2.84
  bhakta-gane—and devotees    Madhya 17.70
  bhakta-gane—similar devotees    Madhya 20.379
  bhakta-gane—devotees    Antya 4.22
  bhakta-gane—to His devotees    Antya 8.92
  bhakta-gane kahe—Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu informed His devotees    Madhya 15.119
  bhakta-gane khaoyaila—fed the devotees.    Antya 10.53
  bhakta-ganere—unto the devotees    Adi 7.89-90
  bhakta-ganan—all the devotees    Adi 10.7
  bhakta-ghare—to a devotee's house    Antya 12.100
  bhakta-grhe—at the house of a devotee    Antya 6.124
  bhakta-hamsa—the devotees, who are just like swans    Madhya 25.274
  bhakta-hrdayam—the heart of a devotee    Madhya 8.69
  bhakta-hrdi-sthabhyam—which are always thought of by pure devotees, in whose heart the Lord is therefore situated constantly    SB 10.6.37-38
  bhakta-i—devotees    Adi 4.42
  bhakta-iccha vina—without the permission of devotees    Madhya 16.11
  bhakta-jana—the devotees    SB 6.13.22-23
  bhakta-jana—of pure devotees    Adi 3.90
  bhakta-jana-priyah—I am dependent not only on My devotee but also on My devotee’s devotee (the devotee’s devotee is extremely dear to Me).    SB 9.4.63
  bhakta-janah—devotees    Madhya 11.28
  bhakta-kanthe—on the necks of the devotees    Madhya 6.256
  bhakta-kana—the ears of the devotees.    Madhya 23.69
  bhakta-mahima—the glories of the devotees    Madhya 12.186
  bhakta-mane—in the heart of a devotee    Madhya 19.188
  bhakta-meghe—in the cloudlike devotee    Madhya 8.1
  bhakta-mukhe—through the mouth of His devotees    Madhya 25.267
  bhakta-mukhya—the chief devotees    Madhya 19.191
  bhakta-ninda—blaspheming the devotees    Antya 3.213
  bhakta-pada—the position of a devotee    Adi 6.100
  bhakta-pada-dhuli—the dust of the lotus feet of a devotee    Antya 16.60
  bhakta-pada-jala—the water that washed the feet of a devotee    Antya 16.60
  bhakta-paradhinah—am dependent on the will of My devotees    SB 9.4.63
  bhakta-prema-adhina—always subordinate to the loving feelings of His devotees    Madhya 14.156
  bhakta-prema-sima—the highest limit of ecstatic love by the devotee.    Madhya 4.211
  bhakta-premara—of the ecstatic emotion of the devotee    Antya 18.16-17
  bhakta-priyah—under the circumstances You become favorable to the devotees    SB 8.23.8
  bhakta-priyat—who are affectionate to Your devotees    Madhya 22.96
  bhakta-raja—kings of devotees    Madhya 16.261
  bhakta-sange—in the society of devotees    Adi 7.92
  bhakta-sange—in the association of devotees    Madhya 11.135-136
  bhakta-sange—in the society of the devotees    Madhya 25.232
  bhakta-sange—accompanied by other devotee associates    Antya 1.109
  bhakta-sange—with His intimate associates    Antya 1.110
  bhakta-sange prabhu—let Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu sit down with the devotees    Madhya 12.161
  bhakta-sambandhe—because of a relationship with a devotee    Madhya 15.300
  bhakta-sane—with the devotees    Madhya 1.123
  bhakta-suhrt—well-wisher of the devotees    Madhya 23.74
  bhakta-svabhava—the characteristic of a pure devotee    Antya 3.213
  bhakta-svabhava—the nature of a devotee    Antya 4.129-130
  bhakta-svarupa—exactly like a pure devotee    Adi 7.12
  bhakta-satha—with His devotees.    Madhya 14.104
  bhakta-tamah—most advanced devotees    Madhya 11.28
  bhakta-tati—all the devotees there    Adi 13.103
  bhakta-tattva—in the category of devotees    Adi 7.15
  bhakta-uttama—a great devotee.    Madhya 11.9
  bhakta-vasa—submissive to devotees    Adi 7.145
  bhakta-vasa—of being subjugated by the devotee    Madhya 19.229
  bhakta-vasyatam—obligation to His devotees.    Madhya 15.1
  bhakta-vatsala—O my Lord, who are so affectionate to Your devotee.    SB 7.8.41
  bhakta-vatsala—affectionate toward the devotees    Adi 3.45
  bhakta-vatsalah—He who is very much affectionate towards His devotees    SB 1.8.11
  bhakta-vatsalah—kind to the devotees    SB 1.11.10
  bhakta-vatsalah—affectionate to the devotees    SB 1.14.34
  bhakta-vatsalah—who is very kind to His devotees    SB 6.4.35-39
  bhakta-vatsalah—Lord Krsna, who is affectionate to His devotees.    Adi 3.104
  bhakta-vrnda—devotees.    Adi 11.3
  bhakta-vrnda—all devotees.    Adi 17.333
  bhakta-vrnda—devotees of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.    Madhya 11.33
  bhakta-vancha—the desire of the devotee    Antya 11.102
  bhakta-vatsalya—attachment for His devotees    Madhya 4.211
  bhakta-vatsalya—the love for His devotees    Madhya 7.30
  bhakta-vatsalya—affection for devotees    Antya 6.206
  bhakta-vatsalya—love for Your devotees    Antya 9.131
  bhakta-vatsalya-guna—the quality of being very affectionate to the devotees,    Antya 9.145
  bhakta-vatsalye—because of being very affectionate to the devotees    Antya 5.142
  bhakta-abhasa—an imitation devotee    Antya 11.42
  bhakta-thani—before His devotee    Antya 3.91
  bhakta-thani—from the devotees    Antya 13.116
  bhakti-bhakta-rasa-tattva—the truth about devotional service, devotees and their transcendental mellows    Antya 5.163
  caitanya-bhakta—devotees of Lord Caitanya    Adi 10.121
  caitanya-bhakta-gana—devotees of Lord Caitanya    Adi 10.159
  sata bhakta-gana—hundreds of devotees    Madhya 12.108
  siva-bhakta—a devotee of Lord Siva    Adi 17.99
  sri-bhakta—other devotees    Antya 20.96-98
  sri-gaura-bhakta-vrnda—the devotees of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Antya 20.144-146
  suddha-bhakta—the pure devotee    Adi 4.204
  suddha-bhakta—a pure devotee    Antya 9.75
  sune bhakta-gana—all the devotees hear.    Madhya 15.137
  santa bhakta—devotees in the neutral stage of devotional service    Madhya 24.164
  santa-bhakta—the neutral devotees    Madhya 19.189
  cari bhakta—four devotees    Madhya 4.10
  dui-vidha bhakta—these two varieties of atmarama devotees    Madhya 24.287
  dasya-bhava-bhakta—devotees in dasya-rasa    Madhya 19.189
  eka bhakta—one devotee    Madhya 10.94
  eka bhakta-vyadhera—one devotee who was a hunter    Madhya 24.229
  eka eka bhakta-grhe—in the house of one devotee after another    Madhya 15.15
  gaudera bhakta-gana—the devotees from Bengal    Antya 10.44
  gaura-bhakta-ganera—of the devotees of Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Antya 5.158
  gaura-bhakta-vrnda—to the devotees of Lord Caitanya, headed by Srivasa.    Adi 10.2
  jaya bhakta-gana—all glories to the devotees    Antya 5.3
  jaya gaura-bhakta-vrnda—all glories unto the devotees of Lord Gaurasundara.    Madhya 1.7
  jata-rati sadhaka-bhakta—devotees who have become mature by devotional service    Madhya 24.290
  koti-bhakta—of millions of devotees    Madhya 12.214
  koti-bhakta—millions of devotees    Antya 11.40
  krsna-bhakta—a great devotee of Lord Krsna    Adi 11.45
  krsna-bhakta—Lord Krsna's devotees    Madhya 9.90
  krsna-bhakta—pure devotee of Lord Krsna.    Madhya 19.148
  krsna-bhakta—a devotee of Krsna    Madhya 19.214
  krsna-bhakta ha-ila—became devotees of Lord Krsna.    Madhya 19.109
  krsna-bhakta-gane—the pure devotees of Lord Krsna    Madhya 23.99
  krsna-bhakta-sanga—for associating with the devotees of Lord Krsna    Madhya 8.251
  krsna-bhakta-sanga—in the association of a devotee of Lord Krsna.    Madhya 22.145
  krsna-bhakta-viraha—separation from the devotee of Lord Krsna    Madhya 8.248
  lana bhakta-gana—taking with Him all the devotees    Madhya 14.112
  lana bhakta-gana—with the devotees.    Madhya 14.242
  lana bhakta-gana—with all the devotees.    Madhya 16.54
  lana bhakta-gana—with devotees.    Madhya 22.126
  lana bhakta-gana—with His personal devotees.    Antya 1.110
  lana bhakta-gana—keeping company with His devotees    Antya 6.12
  lana bhakta-gane—with all the devotees.    Madhya 14.103
  lana bhakta-gane—taking all the devotees.    Madhya 15.32
  maha-bhakta—a great devotee    Madhya 15.200
  maha-bhakta-gana-saha—among highly advanced devotees    Madhya 9.237
  mahaprabhura bhakta—a devotee of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Madhya 6.18
  mat-bhakta—of My devotees    Madhya 11.29-30
  mukhya bhakta-gana—chief devotees    Madhya 16.58
  mukhya-bhakta—the chief devotees    Madhya 14.68
  mukhya-bhakta—chief devotees    Madhya 18.53
  matr-bhakta—of great devotees of mothers    Antya 19.1
  matr-bhakta-ganera—of the devotees of mothers    Antya 19.14
  nija bhakta-gane—the devotees of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Antya 4.107
  nija-bhakta-gana—His own personal devotees.    Madhya 13.63
  nija-bhakta-gana—My own devotees.    Madhya 16.257
  nija-bhakta-gane—personal devotees    Madhya 12.199
  nija-bhakta-gane—His own personal associates.    Madhya 25.224
  nija-bhakta-pase—to His personal devotees    Antya 3.93
  nija-bhakta-sange—with His own devotees    Antya 8.6
  niskincana bhakta—a devotee who has no other support    Antya 6.217
  nana-bhakta-bhave—various emotions of a devotee    Adi 6.110
  nana-bhavera bhakta-jana—devotees relishing relationships with Krsna in different ecstasies    Madhya 25.274
  prabhu-bhakta-gana—to the devotees of the Lord    Antya 14.4
  prabhu-bhakta-gana-madhye—among the intimate devotees of the Lord    Madhya 12.68
  prabhura bhakta-gana—devotees of Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Antya 1.58
  prapanna-bhakta-artha-vidhau—in the regulative principles observed by pure devotees    SB 8.23.2
  premi bhakta—a devotee attached to Krsna by love    Antya 4.61
  puchila bhakta-gane—inquired from the devotees    Antya 2.150
  raga-bhakta—devotees following spontaneous love    Madhya 24.286
  rama-bhakta—devotee of Lord Ramacandra    Madhya 9.179
  saba bhakta meli—all the devotees, meeting together    Antya 19.67
  saba bhakta-gana—all the other devotees.    Madhya 12.147
  saba bhakta-gana—as well as all the other devotees of Navadvipa    Antya 1.14
  saba bhakta-gana—all the devotees present there    Antya 1.133
  saba bhakta-gana-thani—from all the devotees    Antya 13.42
  saba bhakta-gane—all the devotees    Madhya 25.231
  saba bhakta-gane—all the other devotees.    Antya 2.137
  saba bhakta-gane—among all the devotees    Antya 2.144
  saba bhakta-gane—unto all the devotees    Antya 6.134
  saba bhakta-jane—in the lives of all devotees    Madhya 19.217
  sakhya-bhakta—devotees in fraternity    Madhya 19.190
  sarva-bhakta—of all the devotees    Antya 11.54
  sarva-bhakta-jana—all the devotees    Antya 1.63
  sat-bhakta—of pure devotees    Adi 2.2
  sei bhakta-gana—those devotees.    Madhya 19.126
  sva-bhakta-sahita—with His devotees.    Madhya 5.134
  tumi bhakta—you are a devotee    Madhya 6.211
  udiya-bhakta-gana—all the devotees of Orissa    Madhya 16.96
  udiya-bhakta-gane—the devotees of Orissa    Madhya 16.97
  vidhi-bhakta—devotees following the regulative principles    Madhya 24.286
  vatsalya-bhakta—devotees in parental love    Madhya 19.190
  yata bhakta—all the devotees    Madhya 13.204
  yata bhakta—all devotees    Antya 10.139
  yata bhakta-gana—to all the devotees    Antya 8.5
  yata bhakta-jana—all the devotees    Madhya 16.245-246
  yata bhakta-vrnda—all the personal devotees of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Antya 1.121
  yata srota bhakta-gana—all the devotees who listen    Madhya 25.280
  yogya-bhakta—perfect devotee    Antya 2.4
  yogya-bhakta—a suitable devotee    Antya 2.13
  ara bhakta-gana—the remaining devotees    Madhya 14.67
  ara bhakta-gane—other devotees    Madhya 14.72
  ara bhakta-gane—and to the other devotees.    Antya 19.13
  ara saba bhakta—all the other devotees    Madhya 25.230

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