Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhaksana

  bhakṣaṇa—eating.    Madhya 4.138, Madhya 6.234, Madhya 12.171, Madhya 15.248
  bhakṣaṇa—eating    Adi 17.20, Madhya 4.140, Madhya 6.224
  bhakṣaṇa—drinking.    Madhya 9.83, Madhya 11.7
  bhakṣaṇa—eat.    Adi 10.98
  bhakṣaṇa—eating Himself.    Adi 17.84
  bhakṣaṇa—the eatables.    Antya 13.108
  bhakṣaṇa apekṣā nāhi—did not care for eating    Antya 6.186
  bhakṣaṇa karena—eats    Antya 10.108
  bhakṣaṇa karāha—feed    Antya 6.51
  kailā prasāda bhakṣaṇa—ate the prasāda.    Antya 6.140
  karaha bhakṣaṇa—eat.    Antya 8.12
  karaye bhakṣaṇa—began to eat.    Antya 6.69
  karaye bhakṣaṇa—he eats    Antya 6.256
  kare bahuta bhakṣaṇa—eat more than necessary    Antya 8.15
  kare miṣṭānna bhakṣaṇa—eats sweetmeats    Antya 8.44
  karena bhakṣaṇa—he ate    Antya 6.313
  karila bhakṣaṇa—drank.    Madhya 7.122
  karila bhakṣaṇa—ate.    Antya 6.93
  karimu bhakṣaṇa—I shall eat.    Antya 6.74
  karinu bhakṣaṇa—ate    Madhya 15.58
  kariye bhakṣaṇa—I eat.    Antya 19.8
  ki karāilā bhakṣaṇa—have you given for eating.    Antya 10.112
  nā karena bhakṣaṇa—does not eat.    Antya 10.110
  prasāda bhakṣaṇa—eating.    Madhya 4.208
  tāmbūla bhakṣaṇa—eating a preparation of betel leaves    Antya 18.108
  tāra karilā bhakṣaṇa—ate it.    Antya 11.20

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