Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhajam

  bhajam—of those who entertain.    SB 2.2.23
  bhakti-bhajam—of persons engaged in devotional service    Madhya 15.170, NoI 11
  akhila-deha-bhajam—of all living entities    SB 9.21.12
  akhila-deha-bhajam—of all the materially embodied living entities    SB 10.1.5-7
  bhakti-bhajam—executing devotional service.    SB 5.5.25
  bhaga-bhajam—entitled to a share    SB 4.6.5
  sarira-bhajam—of the conditioned soul    SB 1.9.42
  sarira-bhajam—of the conditioned souls endowed with bodies    Adi 2.21
  deha-bhajam—of the embodied    SB 3.8.20
  deha-bhajam—of one who has a material body    SB 3.9.1
  deha-bhajam—of all living entities who have accepted material bodies    SB 5.5.1
  nidesa-bhajam—of instructions in devotion    SB 3.33.5
  pada-saroja-bhajam—of the devotees engaged in the transcendental loving service of Your lotus feet    SB 3.4.15

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