Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bandho

  bandho—friend    SB 1.17.33
  bandho—O friend    SB 4.28.55
  ārta-bandho—O friend of the distressed    SB 3.5.15, SB 4.9.8
  anātha-bandho—O friend of the helpless    Madhya 2.58
  avyakta-bandho—O my Lord, You are the inaugurator of the unmanifested (the original mahat-tattva or prakṛti)    SB 10.3.26
  brahma-bandho—O unqualified son of a brāhmaṇa    SB 7.5.26
  he bhuvana-eka-bandho—O only friend of the universe    Madhya 2.65
  ārta-bandho—O friend of all distressed persons    SB 5.10.24
  ārta-bandho—O friend of the suffering living entities    SB 7.9.42

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