Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bandhana

  bandhana—bondage.    Madhya 4.148, Antya 6.123
  bandhana—being bound    SB 1.7.43
  bandhana—binding    Adi 4.24
  bandhana—all bondage.    Adi 16.107
  bandhana—the shackles.    Madhya 6.233
  bandhana—binding.    Madhya 14.147
  bandhana—the arrest.    Madhya 18.179
  bandhana—great obligation.    Madhya 19.13
  bandhana—the bonds.    Antya 3.57
  bāndhāñā—packing    Antya 11.79
  bandhana-mokṣaṇa—of the arrest and release    Madhya 20.41
  deha-ādi-bandhana—material bondage due to the bodily concept of life    Madhya 6.233
  karena bandhana—binds.    Antya 7.30
  visraṁsita-keśa-bandhana—from her arrangement of hair, which had become loosened    SB 10.9.10

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