Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bale

  bale—says    Adi 5.169, Adi 5.183, Adi 10.30, Adi 12.33, Adi 13.78, Adi 17.47, Adi 17.50, Adi 17.181, Adi 17.183, Adi 17.199 (and more...)
  bale—said    Adi 13.94, Adi 17.284, Madhya 9.170, Antya 3.193, Antya 10.92, Antya 16.81
  bale—chant    Adi 13.24, Madhya 1.218, Madhya 13.190, Madhya 25.65, Antya 7.70
  bale—say    Adi 9.53, Madhya 3.109, Madhya 18.40, Antya 1.115
  bale—by force    Madhya 21.106, Madhya 21.141, Madhya 21.143, Antya 6.323
  bale—speak    Adi 13.21, Madhya 15.35, Madhya 17.159
  bale—chanted    Madhya 9.61, Antya 11.68, Antya 14.102
  bale—chants    Madhya 18.88, Madhya 25.67, Antya 3.128
  bale—he said    Adi 7.93, Madhya 3.14
  bale—speaks    Adi 7.159, Adi 16.90
  bale—on the strength of    Adi 8.83, Antya 3.39
  bale—on the strength.    Adi 17.330, Madhya 2.54
  bale—the Lord says    Madhya 3.130, Madhya 17.205
  bale—ascribes    Adi 3.56
  bale—strength    Adi 4.123
  bale—was uttering.    Adi 5.189
  bale—spoke    Adi 7.103
  bale—said.    Adi 10.18
  bale—by the power    Adi 17.140
  bale—address    Adi 17.175
  bale—shout    Madhya 7.78
  bale—started to say    Madhya 7.116
  bale—by the strength.    Madhya 13.28
  bale—in strength    Madhya 16.262
  bale—someone says    Madhya 22.33
  bale—by force.    Antya 4.153
  bale—by strength    Antya 16.127
  bale—forcibly    Antya 18.89
  bale—the child    SB 6.1.27
  bale—while Yamaraja in the form of a boy    SB 7.2.58
  prabhu bale—the Lord said    Adi 17.177, Madhya 3.74, Madhya 14.17
  keha bale—some of them said    Antya 3.177, Antya 3.177
  manah-bale—by the strength of the mind.    Adi 13.102, Adi 13.103
  nityananda bale—Lord Nityananda said    Madhya 3.83, Madhya 3.99
  raja bale—the King said    Madhya 15.125, Antya 9.29
  vipra bale—the brahmana says    Madhya 5.40, Madhya 5.42
  bale bara bara—He said again and again.    Madhya 14.154
  bale damodara—Damodara Gosvami continued to reply.    Madhya 14.164
  bale hari hari—chants Hari, Hari    Madhya 18.177
  bale haridasa—Haridasa Thakura said    Antya 3.129
  bale krsna-nama—chants the Hare Krsna mantra    Madhya 18.203
  bale-chale—somehow or other (sometimes by tricks, sometimes by force)    Madhya 12.170
  bhakti-bale—the strength of your devotional service    Madhya 20.56
  bhakti-bale—by the strength of devotional service    Madhya 24.134
  bhattacarya bale—Bhattacarya said    Madhya 15.232
  brahmacari bale—Nakula Brahmacari said    Antya 2.30
  brahma bale—Brahma said    Madhya 21.82
  saci bale—mother Saci said    Adi 14.77
  chota-vipra bale—the younger brahmana replied    Madhya 5.33
  ei ajna-bale—on the strength of this supreme order of the Supreme Personality of Godhead    Madhya 22.60
  govinda bale—Govinda replied    Antya 10.128
  hari bale—chanted Hare Krsna    Adi 12.21
  hari bale—chant the holy name of the Lord    Adi 14.22
  hari bale—says Hari    Adi 17.196
  hari bale—exclaim "Hari"    Madhya 3.12
  hari bale—chant the holy name of Hari    Antya 1.63
  hari hari bale—began to chant the holy names Hari, Hari    Madhya 17.160
  haridasa bale—Haridasa Thakura said    Antya 3.78-79
  iha bale—says this    Madhya 15.252
  indra bale—Indra says    Antya 5.139
  keha bale—someone says    Madhya 5.86
  kon bale—on what strength    Adi 17.154
  krpa-bale—by the strength of mercy.    Adi 17.138
  kaji bale—the Kazi said    Adi 17.175
  manah-bale—by the strength of mind    Adi 13.100
  misra bale—Jagannatha Misra replied    Adi 14.82
  mleccha bale—the Mohammedan said    Antya 6.30
  mata bale—His mother said    Adi 15.9
  nija-bale—within My ability.    Antya 4.82
  nityananda bale—Sri Nityananda replies    Madhya 5.148
  nama-bale—by the strength of this chanting    Adi 10.75
  prabhu bale—Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu replied    Adi 10.20
  prabhu bale—Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu said    Madhya 3.67
  prabhu bale—Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu said    Antya 6.324
  prema-bale—by the force of your love    Madhya 8.289
  putra bale—his son says    Madhya 5.43
  sabe bale—all the Vaisnavas say    Madhya 1.220
  sabe bale—every one of them said    Antya 1.122
  sanga-bale—by the strength of association    Madhya 24.8
  satyaraja bale—Satyaraja Khan said    Madhya 15.105
  seha bale—he also said    Antya 16.84
  sevaka bale—the servant said    Antya 3.152
  taranga-bale—by the force of the waves    Madhya 2.27
  toma-sabara sanga-bale—by the strength of your association    Madhya 24.9
  vidya-bale—by the strength of education    Adi 16.24
  vidya-bale—by the strength of learning    Adi 16.108
  vipra bale—the elderly brahmana says    Madhya 5.18
  vipra bale—the young brahmana says    Madhya 5.93
  vipra bale—the young brahmana replies    Madhya 5.95
  vipra bale—the brahmana replied    Madhya 9.25
  acarya bale—Advaita Acarya says    Madhya 3.73
  acarya bale—Advaita Acarya replies    Madhya 3.75
  apanara bale—by His own strength    Madhya 24.38

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