Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: badhe

  bāḍhe—increases    Adi 4.140, Adi 4.149, Adi 4.190, Adi 4.192, Adi 4.193, Adi 4.263, Adi 7.20-21, Adi 7.28, Madhya 12.214, Madhya 12.215 (and more...)
  bādhe—is obstructed    Adi 4.200-201
  bādhe—obstruction.    Adi 16.85
  bādhe—impede    Madhya 4.124
  bādhe—is greatly hindered    Madhya 12.193
  nāhi bādhe—did not become an impediment    Antya 6.186
  prāṇa-bādhe—extinction of life    SB 1.7.27

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