Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ayuh

  āyuḥ—duration of life    Bg 17.8-10, SB 1.9.35, SB 1.17.10-11, SB 2.3.17, SB 2.7.21, SB 2.8.12, SB 3.5.14, SB 3.8.20, SB 3.11.16, SB 4.14.14 (and more...)
  āyuḥ—the duration of life    SB 7.3.31, SB 7.9.23, SB 8.5.34, SB 10.4.46
  āyuḥ—span of life    SB 3.21.18, SB 4.29.54, SB 4.31.9
  āyuḥ—long duration of life    SB 5.20.6, SB 7.9.24
  ayuḥ—Ayu    SB 9.24.6-8
  āyuḥ—duration of life or fruitive activities    SB 1.15.15
  āyuḥ—of longevity    SB 3.19.38
  āyuḥ—up to the end of life    SB-4.21.43
  āyuḥ—Āyus    SB 6.6.12
  āyuḥ—longevity    SB 6.12.13
  āyuḥ—Āyu    SB 9.15.1
  āyuḥ—his name was Āyu    SB 9.17.1-3
  āyuḥ—and the duration of life.    SB 10.2.21
  āyūḥ—life    Madhya 23.23
  parama-āyuḥ—duration of life    SB 3.11.12, SB 3.11.33
  agha-āyuḥ—whose life was full of sinful activities    SB 6.1.67
  cira-āyuḥ—has a long duration of life    SB 8.8.22
  nija-āyuḥ—his lifetime    SB 7.6.14
  para-āyuḥ—that personality who lives for millions and millions of years (Lord Brahmā)    SB 8.12.10
  āyuḥ ca—and the duration of life    SB 9.10.32
  āyuḥ-śeṣa—the end of life    Madhya 2.89
  āyuḥ-kāmaḥ—desirous of long life    SB 2.3.2-7
  āyuḥ-varṣāṇām—of those whose years of life    SB 5.17.12
  āyuḥ-veda-dṛk—fully conversant in the medical science    SB 8.8.34
  āyuḥ-veda-pravartakaḥ—the inaugurator of medical science, Āyur Veda    SB 9.17.4
  āyuḥ-vedam—medical science    SB 3.12.38
  āyuḥ-vyayaḥ—waste of the duration of life    SB 7.6.4

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