Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: avesa

  avesa—ecstasy    Adi 8.48, Adi 17.116, Madhya 9.291, Madhya 15.35, Madhya 18.37, Madhya 19.41, Antya 16.103
  avesa—of her absorption    SB 5.9.18
  avesa—due to the entrance    SB 5.25.5
  avesa—empowered by the Lord    Adi 10.56
  avesa—symptoms of power.    Adi 10.57
  avesa—involved    Madhya 2.86
  avesa—ecstasy.    Madhya 9.100
  avesa—emotional ecstasy    Madhya 11.232
  avesa—the ecstasy    Madhya 14.237
  avesa—ecstatic love    Madhya 18.141
  avesa—especially empowered    Madhya 20.165
  avesa—empowering    Antya 2.15
  avesa—taking possession    Antya 2.22
  avesa—absorption in anger    Antya 2.121
  avesa—ecstatic emotion    Antya 13.80
  prema-avesa—ecstatic love    Madhya 9.41, Madhya 9.251, Madhya 12.63, Madhya 17.157, Madhya 17.225, Madhya 18.206, Madhya 19.95, Antya 4.212
  sakti-avesa—empowered incarnations    Adi 1.67, Madhya 20.368
  sakti-avesa-avatara—empowered incarnations    Adi 1.65-66, Madhya 20.246
  prema-avesa—ecstatic emotion    Madhya 19.47, Antya 16.95
  bhava-avesa—absorbed in ecstasy    Madhya 5.137
  bhava-avesa—the ecstatic love    Madhya 14.236
  bhava-avesa—of the ecstatic emotion    Madhya 20.171
  bhava-avesa—ecstatic love    Antya 6.85
  bhava-avesa—ecstatic emotion    Antya 17.33
  bhava-avesa-akrti—forms and transcendental emotions    Madhya 20.183
  sakti-avesa—of the empowered    Adi 2.98
  sakti-avesa-avatara—incarnations especially empowered by the Lord    Madhya 20.367
  sakti-avesa-avatara—the incarnations specifically empowered    Madhya 20.377
  sakti-avesa-avatarera—of the especially empowered incarnations    Madhya 20.366
  kopa-avesa—by a very angry mood    SB 7.8.3-4
  mahesa-avesa—in the mood of Lord Siva    Adi 17.100
  maha-prema-avesa—absorption in transcendental ecstasy    Madhya 6.90
  maha-prema-avesa—absorption in great ecstatic love    Madhya 18.161
  mukhya-avesa-avatara—primary directly empowered incarnations    Madhya 20.370
  nrsimha-avesa—the ecstasy of Lord Nrsimhadeva    Adi 17.93
  prema-avesa—ecstasy on account of love of God    Madhya 4.108
  prema-avesa—ecstasy    Madhya 4.140
  prema-avesa—His ecstatic love    Madhya 9.88
  prema-avesa—ecstasy of love    Madhya 11.21
  prema-avesa—the ecstatic love    Madhya 14.234
  prema-avesa—ecstasy in love of Godhead    Madhya 19.76
  prema-avesa—absorbed in ecstatic love    Antya 2.20
  prema-avesa haila—became ecstatic in love.    Madhya 18.155
  prema-avesa mana—always in a mentality of ecstatic love    Madhya 17.226
  tamah-guna-avesa—absorbed by the quality of ignorance    Madhya 20.311
  varaha-avesa—the ecstasy of becoming Varahadeva    Adi 17.19
  ananda-avesa—transcendental bliss    Antya 10.75
  avesa karaye—empowers with specific spiritual potencies    Antya 2.4
  avesa karila—entered.    Antya 2.17
  avesa-avatara-nama—all of them are called empowered incarnations.    Madhya 20.369

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