Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: avatarera

  avatarera—of the incarnations    Adi 2.68, Adi 2.80, Adi 2.90, Adi 2.112, Adi 4.103, Adi 4.221, Madhya 8.145
  avatarera—of all these incarnations    Adi 5.78
  sakti-avesa-avatarera—of the especially empowered incarnations    Madhya 20.366
  eka manvantara-avatarera—of only one feature of the Lord, namely the manvantara-avatara    Madhya 20.324
  guna-avatarera—of incarnations of the material qualities    Madhya 20.300
  krsna-avatarera—of the incarnations of Lord Krsna    Adi 5.15
  lila-avatarera—of the incarnations of pastimes    Madhya 20.300
  purusa-avatarera—of all the purusa-avataras    Madhya 20.296

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