Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: avatare

  avatare—incarnates    Adi 4.10, Adi 4.11-12
  avatare—descends    Adi 5.131, Madhya 20.263
  avatare—in incarnations    Adi 3.65, Adi 4.38
  avatare—in the incarnation    Adi 3.110, Adi 6.34
  avatare—He descends    Adi 3.110
  avatare—as incarnations    Madhya 20.220
  avatare—in the incarnation of the Lord    SB 1.3.20
  avatare—in the matter of His incarnation    Adi 4.276
  avatare—advent    Adi 13.122
  caitanya-avatare—by the incarnation of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Antya 3.254, Antya 3.262
  cari-yuga-avatare—of the incarnations in the four different yugas    Madhya 20.349
  guna-avatare—among the incarnations controlling the three modes of material nature    Adi 1.67
  krsna-avatare—in the incarnation of Lord Krsna    Adi 5.152

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