Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: avasthitah

  avasthitaḥ—situated    Bg 13.33, SB 2.9.25, SB 3.7.6, SB 3.29.21, SB 4.17.18, SB 5.16.7
  avasthitāḥ—situated    Bg 1.11, Bg 1.32-35, Bg 11.32
  avasthitaḥ—situated.    Bg 9.4, SB 4.22.49
  avasthitaḥ—being situated    SB 3.8.16, SB 4.9.4
  avasthitaḥ—standing.    SB 4.20.21
  avasthitaḥ—staying (a householder generally stays home with his wife and children)    SB 7.14.2
  avasthitāḥ—are situated    Bg 2.6
  avasthitāḥ—standing    SB 4.17.35
  khe avasthitaḥ yaḥ—this person Brahmā, who was situated in the higher planetary system in the sky    SB 10.13.15

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