Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: aturam

  aturam—distressed    SB 1.6.38
  aturam—dejected    SB 1.14.23
  aturam—who were very afraid    SB 6.11.8
  aturam—very aggrieved    SB 7.2.56
  aturam—that grave condition    SB 8.2.28
  aturam—in my distress    SB 8.2.32
  bhaya-aturam—who is very afraid    SB 5.18.20
  bhrsa-aturam—highly regretful and agitated    SB 6.14.47
  grahana-aturam—afflicted because of being captured    SB 7.8.29
  kama-aturam—always full of different desires and lusty propensities    SB 7.9.39
  viraha-aturam—afflicted by the thought of separation.    SB 9.14.41

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