Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: atmaramah

  ātmārāmaḥ—completely self-satisfied    SB 6.9.35
  ātmārāmāḥ—those who take pleasure in ātmā (generally, spirit self)    SB 1.7.10
  ātmārāmāḥ—known as ātmārāma    Madhya 25.260
  ātmārāmāḥ ca ātmārāmāḥ ca—repeating the words ātmārāmāḥ and ca    Madhya 24.149, Madhya 24.149
  ātmārāmāḥ ca ātmārāmāḥ ca—repeating ātmārāmāḥ    Madhya 24.296, Madhya 24.296
  ātmārāmāḥ api—also those who are ātmārāmas    Madhya 24.224
  ātmārāmāḥ api—also in this combination, ātmārāmā api    Madhya 24.225
  ātmārāmāḥ ca—all those who enjoy in the self    Madhya 24.152
  ātmārāmāḥ ca—similarly the word ātmārāmāḥ with the word ca added    Madhya 24.301
  ātmārāmāḥ ca api—self-realized persons also    Madhya 24.146
  ātmārāmāḥ ca munayaḥ ca—all the ātmārāmas and munis    Madhya 24.221
  ātmārāmāḥ ca munayaḥ ca nirgranthāḥ ca bhajaya—the ātmārāmas, great sages and nirgranthas (the learned and the fools) are all eligible to engage in the transcendental loving service of the Lord.    Madhya 24.303
  ātmārāmāḥ eva—all the ātmārāmas (all kinds of living entities)    Madhya 24.202

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