Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: atmana

  atmana—by the mind    Bg 6.5, Bg 6.36, Bg 13.25, Bg 13.29, SB 3.25.18, SB 4.2.35, SB 4.8.24, SB 5.19.17-18
  atmana—by Himself    SB 3.6.7, SB 3.20.38, SB 6.7.10, SB 7.3.26-27, SB 9.11.1, SB 10.13.27
  atmana—by the self    SB 1.8.47, SB 2.2.28, SB 2.2.31, SB 2.9.27, SB 4.12.49-50
  atmana—by the body    SB 3.9.43, SB 6.10.8, SB 8.24.21
  atmana—by the living entity    Bg 6.6, SB 2.2.25
  atmana—by Yourself    Bg 10.15, SB 7.9.32
  atmana—by your own self    SB 1.5.21, SB 6.9.34
  atmana—by intelligence    SB 1.6.15, SB 1.13.36
  atmana—with the mind    SB 3.33.24-25, SB 7.7.24
  atmana—by herself    SB 4.1.66, SB 9.16.13
  atmana—by the intelligence.    SB 4.18.1, SB 6.1.62
  atmana—by oneself    SB 4.23.1-3, SB 8.16.59
  atmana—by the purified mind    Bg 2.55
  atmana—by deliberate intelligence    Bg 3.43
  atmana—by the pure mind    Bg 6.20-23
  atmana—myself    SB 1.4.30
  atmana—by the self-realization of    SB 1.5.2
  atmana—pure self    SB 2.2.28
  atmana—soul    SB 2.2.36
  atmana—by His own self    SB 2.6.39
  atmana—by His transcendental body.    SB 3.3.20
  atmana—by His own energy.    SB 3.10.30
  atmana—by self    SB 3.13.9
  atmana—as half of himself    SB 3.23.47
  atmana—through your intellect    SB 3.24.39
  atmana—by his purified intellect    SB 3.27.10
  atmana—by his transcendental intelligence    SB 3.32.25
  atmana—by Your potencies    SB 4.7.34
  atmana—heart and soul    SB 4.22.43
  atmana—personally    SB 5.17.14
  atmana—by your constitutional position    SB 5.20.23
  atmana—with the body    SB 5.26.22
  atmana—with a body    SB 6.1.8
  atmana—by me.    SB 6.2.26
  atmana—by self-realization    SB 7.12.10
  atmana—of your own self    SB 8.12.38
  atmana—by Myself.    SB 8.21.31
  atmana—by themselves.    SB 9.10.25
  atmana—by Your internal potency    Madhya 15.180
  atmana—of Your self    Madhya 15.180
  sarva-atmana—in all respects    SB 4.11.27, SB-4.21.39, SB 5.15.7, SB 9.6.51
  akaruna-atmana—one who is very hard of heart and without mercy    SB 4.8.65
  amala-atmana—those whose minds are thoroughly cleansed    SB 1.10.23
  amala-atmana—with a pure mind    SB 3.27.21
  ambucara-atmana—in the form of a tortoise    SB 8.5.11-12
  antara-atmana—by the innermost part of the heart    SB 1.11.32
  antah-atmana—always thinking of Me within    Bg 6.47
  ati-karuna-atmana—because of your being extremely merciful    SB 9.5.17
  hari-atmana—completely absorbed in thoughts of Hari    SB 7.11.29
  hita-atmana—by one who desires good for all    SB 4.22.18
  karuna-atmana—most merciful    SB 4.31.29
  karuna-atmana—because he was very, very kind to you    SB 10.10.40
  kala-atmana—as the master of the time factor    SB 7.9.24
  maha-atmana—by the Supersoul    SB 9.4.48
  pravana-atmana—fully absorbing your mind.    SB 4.8.40
  saha-atmana—along with himself.    SB 10.13.58
  sarva-atmana—by everyone    SB 1.19.24
  sarva-atmana—by all means, without reservation    SB 2.7.42
  sarva-atmana—with all his heart    SB 3.20.3
  sarva-atmana—in every way    SB 3.22.11
  sarva-atmana—with full understanding    SB 4.23.25
  sarva-atmana—with all your senses    SB 4.29.79
  sarva-atmana—wholeheartedly    SB 5.19.8
  sarva-atmana—with all their heart and soul    SB 6.3.26
  sarva-atmana—without diversion    SB 6.12.19
  sarva-atmana—by all means    SB 6.16.63
  sarva-atmana—in full surrender    SB 7.9.12
  sarva-atmana—in all respects, even in the modes of anger and jealousy    SB 7.10.20
  sarva-atmana—by other activities (not only the sraddha ceremony)    SB 7.14.24
  sarva-atmana—in full submission    SB 8.15.3
  sarva-atmana—in every respect    SB 10.4.40
  sarva-atmana—fully, without reservation    Madhya 6.235
  sarva-atmana—with his whole being    Madhya 22.141
  suhrda atmana—with friendly intelligence    SB 3.31.21
  sva-atmana—along with the self    SB 2.2.35
  atmana anena—of this body    SB 8.22.9
  atmana eva—by the selfsame body    SB 1.15.47-48
  atmana atmanam—himself by himself    SB 3.20.45

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