Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ati

  ati—very    SB 1.18.17, SB 4.14.3, SB 4.29.54, SB 5.2.4, SB 5.24.24, SB 6.12.5, SB 7.8.17, SB 10.6.12, Adi 4.104, Adi 4.105 (and more...)
  ati—very much    SB 3.9.12, SB 4.24.65, SB 4.29.54, SB 5.9.18, SB 5.13.10, SB 6.11.9, SB 7.8.34, SB 7.9.15, SB 8.10.50, SB 8.21.9 (and more...)
  ati—great    Bg 18.77, SB 4.21.46, SB 5.9.18
  ati—very great    SB 4.21.50, SB 5.8.9, Adi 4.47
  ati—too    Bg 6.11-12
  ati—too much    Bg 6.16
  ati—extremely    SB 1.18.32, Madhya 14.253
  ati—greatly    SB 1.19.2, Adi 17.329
  ati—very serious    SB 1.14.5
  ati—superseding    SB 1.16.32-33
  ati—exceedingly    SB 2.7.28
  ati—highly    SB 3.2.33
  ati—greater    SB 3.14.26
  ati—very much.    Adi 12.14
  ati—completely    Antya 16.144
  ati baḍa raṅgī—very humorous.    Madhya 25.4
  ati dīna hañā—being very humble.    Madhya 19.66
  ati guṇavān—very much qualified.    Madhya 11.80
  ati kṣudra—very small    Madhya 21.84
  ati manorama—very attractive    Madhya 15.229
  ati nibhṛte—in a very much secluded place    Madhya 11.193
  ati priya—very dear    Adi 10.74
  ati sthūla—very bulky    Madhya 9.312
  ati stuti—exaggerated offering of prayers    Antya 1.131
  ati su-madhura—still much more sweet    Madhya 21.139
  ati su-nipuṇa—very expert    Antya 13.107
  ati sāra—very essential.    Madhya 9.239-240
  ati tuccha-jñāna—My knowledge is very meager    Madhya 25.91
  ati tvarāya—very soon    Antya 2.57
  ati uccatara—very high.    Madhya 9.312
  ati vṛddha—very old    Madhya 9.312
  ati-aśnataḥ—of one who eats too much    Antya 8.67-68
  ati-adbhutam—very wonderful    SB 7.1.16
  ati-adbhutam—which are wonderful    SB 8.3.20-21
  ati-alam—very greatly    SB 5.15.16
  ati-amarṣī—unconquerable    SB 3.1.37
  ati-arocata—surpassing, appeared beautiful    SB 8.18.18
  ati-aruṇa—very red    SB 4.17.15
  ati-autsukya—with eagerness    Adi 1.73-74
  ati-balaiḥ—by very strong assistants of Yamarāja    SB 5.26.16
  ati-balaḥ—very strong    SB 7.8.14
  ati-balau—extremely powerful    SB 7.9.37
  ati-balaḥ—with great endeavor    SB 8.2.27
  ati-balau—very powerful    SB 8.10.57
  ati-balīyasā—which is always stronger than anything else.    SB 8.7.7
  ati-balāḥ—because of being too powerful    SB 8.24.24
  ati-baḍa vyathā—very much pain    Madhya 15.125
  ati-bhara-girim—the big hill    SB 5.14.18
  ati-bharam—too burdensome    SB 1.16.34
  ati-bhayānakaiḥ—who are very fearful    SB 5.26.8
  ati-bhīṣaṇaḥ—very fearful    SB 7.8.15
  ati-bhīṣaṇāḥ—very fierce    SB 9.15.30
  ati-bāhulya—too abundant    Antya 18.11
  ati-śayaiḥ—unlimited    SB 10.10.34-35
  ati-śīghra—hastily    Madhya 16.103
  ati-cira—for an extremely long time    SB 8.6.13
  ati-ciram—for a long time    SB 1.8.23
  ati-śoka-kātarāḥ—being greatly aggrieved    SB 4.13.48
  ati-śuśubhe—was very beautiful    Madhya 8.95
  ati-śuddha-matiḥ—whose completely pure consciousness (full realization that the body and mind are separate from the soul)    SB 5.15.7
  ati-śāyanam—which was exceeding    SB 9.15.25
  ati-dainye—in great humility    Antya 20.31
  ati-dīrgha—very elongated    Antya 18.72
  ati-dīrgheṇa—very prolonged time    SB 2.8.4
  ati-dharma-ātmā—exceedingly religious    SB 9.24.10-11
  ati-durdharṣaḥ—approachable with great difficulty    SB 10.2.17
  ati-durlabham—which is rarely obtained    SB 9.4.15-16
  ati-durviṣaheṇa—being too bright and unbearable    SB 5.9.17
  ati-dustarām—very dangerous    SB 4.10.29
  ati-duḥsahā—extremely difficult to bear    SB 10.1.13
  ati-dūram—very far away    SB 8.3.20-21
  ati-dūre—far off    SB 1.16.17
  ati-dāruṇam—very fearful    SB 5.9.17
  ati-dāruṇaḥ—very cruel    SB 4.13.41
  ati-dāruṇān—very fearful in their features    SB 6.1.28-29
  ati-dāruṇāḥ—very cruel    SB 9.16.12
  ati-garhitaḥ—very much condemned    SB 6.1.67
  ati-guṇa-vat—prepared very gorgeously with all varieties of taste    SB 8.16.51-52
  ati-guru-bhojane—because of eating too much    Antya 10.147
  ati-gāḍhena—in great intimacy    SB 1.15.28
  ati-hīna—very low    Madhya 19.69
  ati-hīna-jñāne—in thinking very poor    Adi 4.24
  ati-hrasva—very short    SB 4.14.44
  ati-hṛṣyat—very much jubilant    Adi 4.260
  ati-hṛṣṭāḥ—everyone becoming very much pleased    SB 10.12.34
  ati-indriyam—beyond the perception of material senses    SB 8.3.20-21
  ati-indriyam—transcendentally situated    SB 9.6.35-36
  ati-indriyam—which an ordinary person cannot understand because it is beyond his vision    SB 10.8.5
  ati-karuṇa-ātmanā—because of your being extremely merciful    SB 9.5.17
  ati-karuṇam—extremely compassionate    SB 8.24.14
  ati-karuṇam—very pitifully    SB 10.7.24
  ati-karuṇaḥ—extremely merciful.    SB 6.16.34
  ati-karāla—very fearful    SB 5.9.16
  ati-kṣudra jīva—a very insignificant living being    Antya 20.90-91
  ati-kovidāḥ—who were very expert in executing transactions.    SB 10.4.30
  ati-kramaḥ—the limit of offense    SB 5.9.19
  ati-kramya—after passing    SB 1.10.34-35
  ati-krūra—much more cruel and envious    SB 5.26.11
  ati-kṛśa-udarī—the middle portion of her body being very thin    SB 8.8.18
  ati-kṛcchreṇa—by very severe endeavor    SB 7.14.10
  ati-kṛpaṇa-buddhiḥ—whose intelligence is dull because he does not properly utilize his assets    SB 5.14.31
  ati-kṛpā kare—shows me very great favor.    Antya 20.96-98
  ati-kātareṇa—in great anxiety.    SB 3.15.35
  ati-kāyasya—of that great demon, who had expanded his body to a very large size    SB 10.12.31
  ati-lolupān—excessively fond of sex    SB 3.20.23
  ati-madhu—extraordinarily sweet    Madhya 21.135
  ati-madhura—very sweet    SB 5.16.17
  ati-mahatā kālena—after a long time    SB 5.17.1
  ati-manoharāṇi—very beautiful    SB 5.25.4
  ati-manorama—very nicely.    Madhya 25.24
  ati-marma—the very core.    Adi 4.112
  ati-martyam—uncommon    SB 4.23.38
  ati-mātra—very high    SB 6.12.27-29
  ati-mātra—greatly    Madhya 24.349
  ati-nirvṛtaḥ—being fully overwhelmed    SB 1.6.17
  ati-paruṣa—extremely piercing    SB 5.14.11
  ati-pavitram—very pure food    SB 9.5.24
  ati-pīḍitaḥ—being too aggrieved.    SB 1.13.35
  ati-pīvā—very strong and stout    SB 5.10.6
  ati-praśaṁsantaḥ—praising the Lord    SB 8.18.9-10
  ati-pramoda—of great jubilation    SB 5.4.4
  ati-prayāsaḥ—difficult endeavor    SB 7.7.38
  ati-priya-ādṛtāḥ—received the news with great transcendental pleasure    SB 10.11.54
  ati-priyaḥ—very dear    Antya 15.33
  ati-puruṣa—superhuman    SB 5.1.30
  ati-pūruṣāṇi—superhuman    SB 3.5.16
  ati-pāna—from drinking so much    SB 5.9.18
  ati-pāram—to the ultimate end of spiritual existence.    SB 5.13.20
  ati-rabhasatara—more fiercely    SB 5.17.9
  ati-rahasyam—full of spiritual mysteries    Madhya 25.283
  ati-ramyam—very, very beautiful    SB 10.13.5
  ati-rathe—of the great general    SB 1.9.13
  ati-ruṣā—with great anger    SB 10.11.50
  ati-ruṣṭam—very angry    SB 4.19.34
  ati-sevayā—by enjoyment over and over again    SB 7.11.33-34
  ati-stuti—overly glorifying    Madhya 10.182
  ati-su-kumāra—very delicate    SB 5.5.31
  ati-suvistṛtā—very much expanded    Adi 15.4
  ati-svapna-śīlasya—of one who dreams too much in sleep    Antya 8.67-68
  ati-sūkṣmam—very subtle    SB 7.9.35
  ati-tapyamāne—which is being heated    SB 5.26.14
  ati-tarṣeṇa—with great anxiety    SB 5.8.15
  ati-tigma-dantau—having a very sharp point    SB 5.2.8
  ati-tuccha—extremely insignificant    Antya 3.196
  ati-tṛptaḥ—very much satisfied    SB 3.14.1
  ati-tṛpyati—is sufficiently satisfied    SB 8.5.13
  ati-ucca—very high    Madhya 15.123
  ati-ucca-nipāta—because of falling from a great height    SB 5.16.19
  ati-udāram—most benevolent    SB 3.28.32
  ati-udāraḥ—most munificent    Madhya 23.1
  ati-ulbaṇa—severely    SB 3.1.16
  ati-uṣṇam—very hot    SB 5.9.18
  ati-utkaṇṭhā—great eagerness    Antya 20.35
  ati-utsava—with great pleasure    SB 8.17.6
  ati-vaiśasāḥ—murderous.    SB 3.19.21
  ati-vallabhāḥ—extremely dear.    SB 9.9.43
  ati-vartinam—who is beyond laws and orders    SB 6.17.12
  ati-vegena—with great speed    SB 8.12.28
  ati-velam—although it was too late    SB 10.11.14
  ati-vepa—trembling severely    SB 10.10.27
  ati-viśāradaḥ—very expert    SB 5.2.17
  ati-vidām—of those who are very experienced    SB 5.11.1
  ati-vihvalaḥ—was very much disturbed, being afraid.    SB 10.1.57
  ati-vikṛta—very deformed    Antya 18.68
  ati-viṣama—very dangerous    SB 5.1.22
  ati-vismitaḥ—very much surprised (not finding the source of his birth)    SB 7.9.35
  ati-vistāra—very, very large.    Antya 18.10
  ati-vyathita—very aggrieved    SB 5.14.11
  ati-vāma-ceṣṭitām—although she was trying to treat the child better than a mother    SB 10.6.9
  ati-āhāraḥ—overeating or too much collecting    NoI 2
  ati-ātma-pa-durga-mārgaḥ—escaping their caretakers because of increased affection for the calves, although the way was very rough and hard    SB 10.13.30
  bālān ati—passing over the other demon boys    SB 7.5.9
  krīḍā-parau ati-calau—the babies, being too restless, engaged in play    SB 10.8.25
  kṛta-ati-praṇayāḥ—because of staunch friendship    SB 8.9.23
  na ati-dūracarāḥ—coming near    SB 7.8.37-39
  na ati-vrīḍe—I am not at all ashamed of this    SB 8.22.6-7
  na ati-vyutpanna-matim—unto King Rahūgaṇa, who was not actually experienced    SB 5.10.8

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