Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: asvada

  asvada—tasting    Adi 4.32, Adi 4.133, Antya 16.90
  asvada—taste.    Adi 17.311, Madhya 23.44, Antya 20.102
  asvada—of the tasting    Adi 4.49
  asvada—to taste    Adi 4.145
  asvada—taste    Madhya 2.80
  asvada—pleasing taste    Antya 16.110
  asvada—the taste    Antya 16.111
  grantha-artha-asvada—understanding of the whole contents of the book.    Madhya 25.262
  kathara asvada—tasting of all the topics.    Madhya 25.242
  krsna-sanga-asvada—tasting the sweetness of the association of Lord Krsna    Madhya 9.154
  krsna-asvada—tasting the association of Lord Krsna    Madhya 20.141
  prema-asvada—the tasting of love.    Adi 4.126
  rasa-asvada—tasting of transcendental mellows    Madhya 23.99
  ananda-asvada—the taste of transcendental bliss    Antya 15.58
  asvada kara—taste    Antya 16.114
  asvada kariya—tasting    Antya 16.110
  asvada-adhikye—from the increase of tasting by the devotees    Madhya 19.234

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