Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: asura

  asura—the demons    SB 2.6.13-16, SB 4.24.12, SB 6.4.19, SB 7.3.37-38, SB 7.4.5-7, SB 8.8.19
  asura—of the demons    SB 6.7.40, SB 8.10.55, Adi 4.14
  asura—and the demons    SB 2.9.10, SB 8.7.16
  asura—demon    SB 4.18.16, SB 8.3.22-24
  asura—demons    SB 5.25.7, SB 7.15.80
  asura—the atheists    SB 2.10.37-40
  asura—of demons    SB 4.16.27
  asura—of demons, or godless persons    SB 5.24.9
  asura—O King of the demons    SB 8.21.29
  asura—for the demons    SB 9.5.6
  asura—and of the demons    SB 9.14.7
  asura—and by demons    Madhya 20.270
  asura—demons    Bg 17.5-6
  akhila-sura-asura-adi—by all demigods and demons    Antya 3.85
  asura-adhipah—the chiefs of the asuras    SB 8.6.31
  asura-anika—the demoniac soldiers    SB 2.1.36
  asura-anika-yuthapaih—by the commanders or captains of the soldiers of the asuras    SB 6.10.15
  asura-apasadah—the lowest of the asuras    SB 5.24.1
  asura-bhupalaih—by demoniac kings on the surface of the globe    SB 10.2.1-2
  asura-balakan—sons of the asuras.    SB 7.5.2
  asura-balakah—O sons of demons    SB 7.7.38
  asura-srestha—O best of the asuras    SB 7.13.21
  asura-druham—who had been oppressed by Kamsa and other demons disturbing the discharge of religious rituals    SB 10.3.1-5
  asura-dvit—the enemy of the asuras    SB 10.4.42
  asura-isvaram—unto the King of the demons (Bali Maharaja)    SB 8.19.29
  asura-isvarah—the King of the asuras, Prahlada Maharaja    SB 7.13.46
  asura-ganah—and the demons    SB 8.9.28
  asura-indra—of the great asuras    SB 5.24.17
  asura-indra—O King of the demons (Maharaja Bali)    SB 8.19.10
  asura-indram—unto the King of the demons, Bali Maharaja    SB 8.20.19
  asura-indrah—the great hero of the demons, Vrtrasura    SB 6.12.2
  asura-indrena—by the best of the demons, Vrtrasura    SB 6.12.31
  asura-indranam—all the demons, with their chiefs    SB 8.9.27
  asura-jateh—whose birth was in a species of asuras    SB 6.17.39
  asura-loka—of the regions where the demons reside    SB 3.17.27
  asura-patau—when Bali Maharaja, the King of the demons    SB 8.21.27
  asura-pungava—O best of the asuras    SB 7.3.21
  asura-pungavah—the chiefs of the demons    SB 8.9.13
  asura-rat—the Emperor of the asuras    SB 7.5.4
  asura-samhara—the killing of demons    Adi 4.36-37
  asura-samhare—killing the demons.    Adi 4.13
  asura-sattama—O best of the asuras    SB 8.19.38
  asura-sena-anyah—the commanders of the asuras    SB 7.10.54-55
  asura-siddha—the demons and the perfected demigods    Bg 11.22
  asura-svabhave—those whose nature is demoniac    Adi 3.90
  asura-udara-antaram—within the belly of the great demon    SB 10.12.26
  asura-uttama—O best devotee in the family of asuras (atheists)    SB 7.9.52
  asura-uttamah—Prahlada Maharaja, the best of the family of asuras.    SB 7.9.55
  asura-vadhunam—of the wives of those demons    SB 5.24.15
  asura-varya—O King of the asuras    SB 7.5.5
  asura-varyena—by the most exalted demon (Hiranyakasipu)    SB 7.4.3
  asura-yutha-nathah—the chiefs of the demons    SB 8.17.16
  asura-yutha-paih—by the commanders of the asuras    SB 8.6.29
  asura-yuthapa—of Hiranyakasipu, the leader of the demons    SB 6.8.14
  asura-yuthapan—the chief leaders of the demons.    SB 6.8.35
  asura-yuthapah—the great leaders of the demons    SB 7.7.4-5
  asura-rsabha—O chief of the asuras    SB 3.17.30
  asura-rsabhah—the best of the asuras, Vrtrasura    SB 6.11.2-3
  asura-rsabhan—the leaders of the demons    SB 8.17.13
  asura-adayah—as well as the demons    SB 5.18.22
  asura-adayah—demons and others    SB 8.5.21
  asura-adisu—beginning with the asuras    SB 8.16.14
  asura-adyah—atheists, the enemies of the devotees    SB 2.7.39
  asura-adyah—the demons and atheists    SB 8.5.31
  asura-atma-jah—O sons of demons    SB 7.6.19
  asura-atma-jah—O descendants of asuras    SB 7.7.51-52
  deva-asura-nrnam—of the demigods, the demons and the human beings    SB 6.4.1-2
  rajanya-samjna-asura-koti-yutha-paih—with millions of demons and their followers in the roles of politicians and kings    SB 10.3.21
  sa-asura—with the demons    SB 9.14.6
  sa-sura-asura-manavah—the demigods, the demons and the human beings    SB 8.8.9
  sarva-asura-camupatih—the master of all the chiefs of the demons    SB 8.23.11-12
  sura-asura-isaih—by the best of the demigods and demons    SB 4.6.40
  sura-asura-idyah—worshiped by the demons and by the demigods    SB 4.31.3
  sura-asura-ganaih—by the demigods and asuras    SB 8.6.38
  sura-asura-indraih—by the leaders of the demons and the demigods    SB 8.7.10
  asura-prakrtayah—those whose disposition is demoniac    Adi 3.87
  asura-vamsa—unbelievers    SB 1.16.34

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