Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: asthitah

  āsthitaḥ—being situated    Bg 5.4, SB 2.2.15, SB 3.3.19, SB 8.19.15
  āsthitaḥ—situated    Bg 7.18, Bg 8.12
  āsthitaḥ—accepting    SB 3.24.34, SB 5.5.32
  āsthitaḥ—thus situated    Bg 6.31
  āsthitaḥ—seated    SB 1.8.8
  āsthitaḥ—exercised    SB 3.23.12
  āsthitaḥ—accepted    SB 3.24.42
  āsthitaḥ—associating    SB 3.31.32
  āsthitaḥ—he underwent.    SB 4.28.35-36
  āsthitaḥ—remains in that position.    SB 5.13.18
  āsthitaḥ—who has undertaken (because of association with a prostitute)    SB 6.1.22
  āsthitaḥ—being situated in    SB 6.10.12
  āsthitaḥ—is situated in    SB 7.3.12
  āsthitaḥ—being seated on such    SB 8.10.16-18
  āsthitaḥ—lived there    SB 9.3.28
  āsthitaḥ—became situated    SB 9.6.53
  āsthitaḥ—situated.    SB 9.9.48
  āsthitaḥ—he is still living there    SB 9.12.6
  āsthitāḥ—situated    Bg 3.20
  asmat-āsthitāḥ—possessed by us    SB 4.4.21
  yogam āsthitaḥ—performed bhakti-yoga    SB 6.2.40

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