Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: asthi

  asthi—bones    SB 2.1.32, SB 2.6.10, SB 3.31.3, SB 5.26.22, SB 8.7.28, Antya 14.65-66, Antya 18.76
  asthi—seed    Adi 17.83, Adi 17.85
  asthi—bone    SB 2.10.31
  asthi—the bone    Madhya 6.136
  asthi-sandhi—the joints of the bones    Antya 14.71, Antya 18.53, Antya 18.69
  asthi-granthi—joints of the bones    Antya 14.65-66
  asthi-sandhi—of the joints of the bones    Antya 20.124
  jata-bhasma-asthi-dharinah—wearing long hair, ashes and bones    SB 4.2.29
  nr-asthi-bhusanah—ornamented with dead menís bones    SB 4.2.14-15

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