Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: asru

  asru—tears    SB 2.9.18, SB 3.18.12, Adi 5.165, Adi 7.89-90, Madhya 2.72, Madhya 3.123, Madhya 3.142, Madhya 3.162, Madhya 6.208, Madhya 6.229 (and more...)
  asru—of tears    SB 4.31.28, SB 7.5.21
  asru—with tears    SB 7.3.25
  asru—tears in the eyes    SB 7.7.34
  asru—tears on account of pleasure    Madhya 3.115
  asru-dhara—tears in the eyes.    Adi 8.27, Adi 8.31
  asru-dhara—a flow of tears.    Madhya 12.138, Antya 17.16
  asru-jala—tears from the eyes    Madhya 12.217, Madhya 13.105
  asru-jale—with tears    Madhya 12.86, Madhya 15.57
  asru pade—tears fell    Antya 6.29
  asru-bindavah—teardrops    SB 3.21.38-39
  asru-dhara—a shower of tears.    Adi 5.165
  asru-dhara—tears.    Adi 10.28
  asru-dhara—torrents of tears.    Madhya 4.201
  asru-dhara—a stream of tears.    Antya 16.93
  asru-dhara—showers of tears    Antya 16.148
  asru-dharaya—with showers of tears from the eyes    Madhya 25.68
  asru-ganga—tears like the Ganges waters    Adi 8.23
  asru-ganga—a flow of tears like the Ganges    Antya 14.36
  asru-jala—tears.    Madhya 16.104
  asru-jale—with the water of tears.    Madhya 2.54
  asru-kantham—with tears in the eyes    SB 7.2.56
  asru-kala—tears rolled down    SB 1.6.16
  asru-kalila—overflooded with tears    SB 1.8.31
  asru-kala—with tears in the eyes    SB 1.17.27
  asru-kala—by drops of tears    SB 4.4.2
  asru-kalam—tears    SB 3.23.50
  asru-kalah—the tears in his eyes    SB 4.20.22
  asru-locanah—his eyes full of tears    SB 4.20.21
  asru-locanah—with tears in his eyes.    SB 7.9.6
  asru-mukhah—his face full of tears    SB 10.4.23
  asru-mukhi—tears in the eyes    SB 1.7.47
  asru-mukhi—with tears in the eyes    SB 10.1.18
  asru-mukhah—with a tearful face    SB 1.14.19
  asru-purna—full of tears    Bg 2.1
  asru-purna-mukhyah—and the other gopis, their faces full of tears    SB 10.7.25
  asru-sagara—the ocean of tears    SB 3.28.32
  asru-vadanam—with tears on the face    SB 1.16.18
  asru-vilola-locanah—eyes inundated with tears    SB 8.22.14
  galat-asru-dharaya—by streams of tears running down    Antya 20.36
  madhu-asru—tears in the form of honey    Madhya 17.200
  mut-asru-su-jalaih—with the water of his tears of joy    SB 10.13.62
  nahe asru-dhara—there are no tears in the eyes    Adi 8.29-30
  pade asru-dhara—tears fell from his eyes    Antya 2.63
  patita-asru-mukhyah—of the one who fell down with tears in the eyes    SB 1.15.10
  pranaya-asru-locanah—with tears in his eyes because of love    SB 6.16.31
  prema-asru—of tears of pure love    SB 6.16.32
  prema-asru-kanthyah—whose throats were filled with tears of affection    SB 4.4.7
  pulaka-asru—tears in ecstasy    Adi 8.22
  pulaka-asru—jubilation and tears    Madhya 4.202
  pulaka-asru—standing of hair and crying    Madhya 7.79
  pulaka-asru—tears and jubilation    Madhya 24.276
  pulaka-asru-nrtya-gita—trembling of the body, tears in the eyes, dancing and chanting    Madhya 25.139
  pulaka-asru-viklavah—agitated by tears of jubilation.    SB 8.22.15
  asru-vadanam—with tears in her eyes    SB 1.17.3
  asru-payah—with milk flowing from the nipples    SB 10.13.30

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