Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: asrk

  asṛk—blood    SB 1.14.16, SB 3.17.13, SB 3.19.19, SB 3.19.23, SB 6.11.11, SB 7.12.25, SB 9.3.4, SB 9.10.23
  asṛk—of blood    SB 3.31.17, SB 8.10.38
  asṛk—with blood    SB 3.31.24
  asṛk—mucus    SB 4.10.24
  asṛk—the blood    SB 5.26.31
  asṛk-lava—with spots of blood    SB 7.8.30
  asṛk-paṭām—whose clothes were covered with blood    SB 6.13.12-13
  asṛk-priyam—who was fond of blood    SB 7.2.7-8
  asṛk-āsavam—the blood, compared to an intoxicating beverage    SB 5.9.18
  asṛk-āsavena—with the liquor of blood    SB 5.9.16
  asṛk-āvilam—smeared with blood    SB 7.2.29-31

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