Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: asmin

  asmin—in this    Bg 1.21-22, Bg 2.13, Bg 8.2, SB 1.1.21, SB 1.18.12, SB 2.1.38, SB 3.5.40, SB 3.23.23, SB 3.24.36, SB 3.26.72 (and more...)
  asmin—this    Bg 3.3, Bg 13.23, Bg 16.6, SB 1.6.21, SB 1.8.35, SB 2.1.25, SB 3.27.9, SB 3.31.15, SB 4.14.42, SB 4.20.6 (and more...)
  asmin—herein    SB 1.1.10
  asmin—in them    SB 1.3.36
  asmin—on this    SB 1.11.35
  asmin—in the chain of    SB 1.12.15
  asmin—up till now    SB 1.17.8
  asmin—in this form of    SB 2.2.14
  asmin—in this world    SB 2.5.6
  asmin—this very life    SB 2.7.3
  asmin—in the matter    SB 3.9.34
  asmin—on this planet earth    SB 4.18.30
  asmin—to this body    SB 4.20.5
  asmin—on this path of sense enjoyment    SB 5.14.23
  asmin—during this period (one day of Brahma)    SB 8.1.4
  asmin—in this body    SB 8.1.9
  asmin—within this    SB 8.24.14
  asmin—in this cow shed    SB 10.8.10
  asmin—unto Krsna    SB 10.13.25
  asmin—for Lord Krsna    Madhya 18.12
  asmin—when this    Madhya 24.128
  loke asmin—in this material world    SB 6.3.22, SB 7.7.55
  asmin bhave—in this appearance (as Krsna)    SB 10.3.43
  asmin eva varse—in this tract of land (Bharata-varsa)    SB 5.19.19
  asmin vane—in this forest    Madhya 24.300
  dehe asmin—in this body    Bg 14.11
  kalpe asmin—in this period (ruled by Vaivasvata Manu)    SB 8.24.58
  loke asmin—in this world    SB 3.25.44
  samsara-cakre asmin—in this world of birth and death    SB 10.5.24

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