Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: asite

  āsite—to come    Madhya 1.212, Madhya 9.335, Antya 2.113, Antya 12.67
  āsite—to come.    Adi 12.36, Madhya 4.98
  āsite—while He was coming back    Adi 15.28
  āsite—going there    Madhya 7.20
  āsite—to come back    Madhya 16.84
  ethāke āsite—to come to this place.    Antya 2.40
  loka āsite lāgila—people began to pour in.    Madhya 25.173
  āsite lāgila—began to pour in    Antya 6.54
  āsite nā pāre—could not come    Madhya 15.246
  āsite nāre—could not come    Antya 2.12

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